Expert: Texting While Driving, More Dangerous Than DWI

An expert in cellular phones has opined that texting while driving is much more dangerous than driving after drinking enough to be over the legal limit. The expert cited data that shows talking on a cell phone significantly occupies the brain and even a hands free device delays reaction time enough to increase dangers while… Read more »

114 Arrested for Prostitution in Harris County in Two Weeks

From January 15 to February 1, 37 police agencies across 17 states engaged in a coordinated effort to set up people (typically men) who were using the internet to try to engage in prostitution. Although 570 people were arrested across the country, 114 of them were in Harris county, Texas. Police primarily placed false ads… Read more »

DWI Eye Test

What Does the DWI “eye test” Mean? Every year over 1 million people in the United States are arrested for DWI / DUI. In most of these incidents the arresting officers ask suspected DWI drivers to participate in a test that involves following a pen, a light, or the officer’s finger with their eyes. Officers… Read more »

New Changes to Texas Laws Effective September 1, 2014

The laws in Texas are constantly evolving. Every odd numbered year, the Texas legislature meets to consider changes in existing laws, new laws, and occasionally the elimination of old laws. Most of these changes go into legal effect on September 1, of the even numbered year following passage of the change. That important day was… Read more »

DWI Blood Test Case Dismissed! Jim Medley Dismantles Toxicologist on the Stand!

On Friday, July 25, 2014 attorney Jim Medley stepped up to the plate for another client charged with a Harris County DWI. In this case, Harris County deputies followed the client to the hospital after a serious motorcycle accident. The client went to the hospital by ambulance. No one else was injured in the single… Read more »

Five Arguments to Legalize Marijuana

Recently, the editorial board at the New York Times wrote an article comparing prohibition to our nation’s current stance on marijuana.  Specifically, they argued that the federal government should “repeal the ban on marijuana” and allow individual states to decide whether it should be legalized in their jurisdiction.  The federal ban on marijuana has been… Read more »

ANOTHER DRUGGED DWI / DUI CASE DISMISSED – Where did the police go wrong?

On Monday, our legal team scored another dismissal of a medication related Harris county DWI charge.  Even though the government had a  blood test result showing Soma, Valium, and hydrocodone in our client’s system, the State could not prove their case.  There was further video evidence showing that our client could not walk a straight… Read more »

Blood Test Result Thrown Out – Another Victory for Jim Medley!

Another Victory for Jim Medley & Associates! On Monday, June 30, 2014 the Constitution came alive in Harris County Court 15, Houston, Texas. In July 2013 a Harris county man was involved in a serious traffic accident. On the crash scene, officers could smell alcohol coming from the man’s breath. The man was however unconscious… Read more »