Tricking a Breathalyzer: Is It Possible?

A DWI charge is a very serious matter that can have drastic consequences on a person’s life. So when someone who’s been out for a few drinks is pulled over by the police, they’re usually willing to do just about anything to get out of trouble. Whether or not you should submit to a Breathalyzer… Read more »

Overview of Traffic Fatalities Involving Different Substances

A recent article posted on drug provides a survey of data collected from the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) and other sources that summarizes traffic crash death statistics with regard to evidence of drug use. The report provides interesting data about ratios of DWI related deaths by each state.  Interestingly, Texas DWI rates were below average… Read more »

Police Cannot Detain Drivers for Random Dog Sniffs

On April 21, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court rendered an important decision that can affect law enforcement tactics across the country. The decision will limit the common practice of police officers to detain people for the purpose of allowing a police drug dog to sniff around a vehicle. In Rodriguez v. State, the Court examined… Read more »

Expert: Texting While Driving, More Dangerous Than DWI

An expert in cellular phones has opined that texting while driving is much more dangerous than driving after drinking enough to be over the legal limit. The expert cited data that shows talking on a cell phone significantly occupies the brain and even a hands free device delays reaction time enough to increase dangers while… Read more »

114 Arrested for Prostitution in Harris County in Two Weeks

From January 15 to February 1, 37 police agencies across 17 states engaged in a coordinated effort to set up people (typically men) who were using the internet to try to engage in prostitution. Although 570 people were arrested across the country, 114 of them were in Harris county, Texas. Police primarily placed false ads… Read more »

DWI Eye Test

What Does the DWI “eye test” Mean? Every year over 1 million people in the United States are arrested for DWI / DUI. In most of these incidents the arresting officers ask suspected DWI drivers to participate in a test that involves following a pen, a light, or the officer’s finger with their eyes. Officers… Read more »