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If you are facing criminal charges, it is crucial that you get legal representation at once. Whether you are facing a DWI offense or other serious criminal charge, you need the highest quality defender to move into action on your behalf. Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Jim Medley has garnered an impressive court record and is prepared to evaluate your case to determine how to move forward with your defense. As a former professor of criminal justice as well as holding a Masters degree in Forensic Toxicology, he has outstanding qualifications and credentials to bring to the table for your defense.

Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system is aware that the quality of the defense can have a huge impact on the final case outcome. Knowing that you have a high quality, proven firm behind you is of critical importance. Jim Medley has been nominated as one of Houston’s “Top Lawyers” for the past three years and has 20 years in the criminal justice field, as well as over a decade in defending clients against serious criminal charges.


At Jim Medley & Associates, P.C., the firm has the resources and high-quality legal team to successfully fight criminal charges of all kinds. Jim aggressively defends those accused of a wide variety of crimes, including the following charges and more.

Aggravated Offenses

Have you been charged with aggravated assault or aggravated battery? You may face severe penalties that will stay with you the rest of your life, so take action today to fight your charges.


Assault charges can be difficult to decipher because of multiple stories or skewed police reports. Every situation is different, and Jim has the resources and experience to defend your rights regardless of the circumstances that led to your arrest.

Criminal Trespass

You may be charged with trespassing if you have entered onto private property without permission. You may have been unaware that the property was private, and our firm can defend your rights in the courtroom.

Defending License Suspension

Are you facing suspension of driving privileges? A driver’s license suspension can result from DUI charges, and it is imperative that you consult an experienced attorney who can help you keep your driving privileges.

Domestic Violence

This crime involves the act of causing bodily injury or threatening to cause bodily injury to a family member such as a spouse, child or relative. The state of Texas has enacted severe penalties for domestic violence charges, and you may face penalties like jail time and fines upwards of $4000.

Drug Crimes

Both state and federal law enforcement agents are on the prowl for any person who is engaged in the illegal drug trade in Texas. Our firm is familiar with the strategies for defending against all types of drug crime offenses, including possession, delivery, prescription violations and many more.


The state of Texas has ruled that it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a BAC (blood alcohol concentration) of 0.08 or higher. If you are caught driving while intoxicated, you may be convicted of a DWI and face serious penalties such as a long prison term.

Evading Arrest

If you are facing charges for evading arrest, you can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor or a felony charge. If someone has been fatally wounded in the process of fleeing a peace officer, you may even be charged with a second degree felony.


Looking to clear your permanent record? The process of expungement involves the removal of an arrest, jail sentence and fingerprints from local, state and federal records. This may be an option for your case, and a talented lawyer from our firm can assist you with the expungement process.

Firearms Violations

When you violate the laws and statutes regarding firearms, you will face the possibility of a serious mark on your record for firearms violations. These charges will vary depending on the actual offense, and may include the manufacturing, concealment, purchase or transportation of firearms.


Fraud involves the intentional misrepresentation or omission of material fact for the purpose of deceiving another person for financial gain. There are various types of fraud, including forgery, credit fraud, mail fraud, identify theft and many other offenses. This crime can be prosecuted at both the state and federal levels.


Failure to Stop and Render Aid (FSRA) is also known as hit and run, and you may be charged with this offense if you have left the scene of an accident that you were involved in. A driver who gets in an accident has the legal responsibility to exchange information with the other driver and to render aid where needed.


A person can be convicted of manslaughter if that individual is shown to have caused someone else’s death through his or her reckless actions. This offense is considered a second-degree felony that can lead to up to 20 years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. Because this is such a serious crime, having strong legal defense is vital when one is coming up against these types of charges.


Murder is the most serious criminal offense a person can be accused of committing. Someone commits this crime by knowingly causing the death of another person. A person can be charged for capital murder if certain aggravating factors exist in the case. A murder conviction can result in life in prison or the death penalty.

Probation Violation

Have you been charged with violating probation? The justice system can enforce jail time for your violation and judges do not look favorably on individuals who do not adhere to the terms of their probation. You need to enlist the help of a Houston defense attorney who can help you avoid added probation time and other penalties.


Prostitution charges can threaten your job, your family and your reputation in the community. You may be charged with this crime if you have engaged in sexual acts or sexual activity in exchange for money.

Resisting Arrest

If you have intentionally prevented or obstructed a known peace officer from carrying out an arrest, a search or transporting of an accused person by the use of force, you will be charged with resisting arrest. These cases often have two sides to the story, and our firm can help make sure your voice is heard.

Sex Crimes

Being accused of a sex crime such as rape or child molestation can be a publicly embarrassing matter that affects your employment, your relationships and your future. You need to seek the professional legal assistance of a skilled defense lawyer who can build a strong defense against your charges.

Suspended License

Charged for driving with a suspended license? A driver’s license suspension is a serious inconvenience that could lead to problems with your job and social responsibilities. If you are facing charges involved with your suspended license, you must take legal action to avoid severe penalties.

Theft Crimes

The various types of theft crimes in the state of Texas include larceny, fraud, white collar crimes, burglary, shoplifting and more. There can be life-altering repercussions to being convicted of a theft crime, and you need to do everything possible to avoid a conviction.

Traffic Offenses

Many people think of traffic offenses as a minor inconvenience and not a serious legal matter, but even a traffic ticket can have a lasting impact on your future. From increased insurance premiums and surcharges, you will face long term consequences in addition to the immediate costs of your ticket.

Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime is an intimidating and stressful experience, and the prosecution will aggressively pursue your charges to the full extent of the law. It is critical that you contact a skilled defense lawyer who is intimately familiar with criminal law and can defend your rights.

White Collar Crimes

Have you been charged with a white collar crime like embezzlement or insider trading? This type of crime is usually committed in a business or commercial environment for the purpose of commercial gain.


If you need legal defense for a case relating to any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact a Houston criminal lawyer from our law firm. We can guide you through each step of your criminal proceedings and serve as aggressive legal advocates on your behalf. Contact us immediately so we can begin evaluating your case and helping you find the best solutions for your defense.

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