When you have been arrested and charged with a serious criminal offense in Texas, like driving while intoxicated, it is vital that you enlist the help of a defense firm that is knowledgeable in this area of the law. If you are wondering whether or not a Houston DWI defense lawyer from Jim Medley & Associates, P.C. is right for the job, we prompt you to take a look at what our past clients have to say about their experience with our firm.

Jim Medley uses his experience and knowledge to his client’s advantage. When Mr. Medley defended me, he listened to every detail of my situation in order to gain a clear picture of the events leading to my arrest. During my encounter with law enforcement officers, I made many mistakes that provided them with a very strong case. However, the strength of the case is dependent upon the successful execution of lawful procedures. Mr. Medley’s intimate knowledge of police procedures enabled him to identify issues, investigate hidden and obscure evidence, and systematically erode the state’s case to a point where the state dropped the charges. Mr. Medley’s insightful attention to detail and knowledge of my rights dissolved a distressful situation that many would consider hopeless.”

E.B. (DWI)

“I am proud to recommend Jim Medley to all prospective clients. Mr. Medley has distinguished himself by being a professional with character, honesty, integrity, and is a one in a million attorney. He is prompt, dependable, courteous, and takes undivided interest in each case. Just recently, my son’s DWI case was dismissed in Harris County. Mr. Medley represented him with outstanding legal abilities and was always prepared for court hearings. As a client, you can be assured of having every confidence in Jim Medley.”

G.T. (DWI)

“I was charged with a DWI and my wife was arrested at the same time for Public Intoxication. At 56 years old, this was the first time I had to go through the court system. I have seen other people go through the process and it always seemed to me that their attorneys did them no good and they were wrongfully convicted. It made me distrust the system so much, that I didn’t know where to go. I called a friend and former co-worker who is now a police officer and he strongly suggested I call Mr. Medley. Mr. Medley took my case and fought the judicial system for 3 months. The result was a NOT GUILTY verdict for me and my wife. Attorney Medley saved my career and the future of me and my family. I found out first hand that Mr. Medley knows his stuff-he is a great Attorney. Thank you, Mr. Medley.”

R.B. (DWI)

“From the moment he accepted my DWI case, Jim Medley carefully guided me through a very painstaking judicial process. Every step of the way, he kept me well-informed and optimistic of my situation. His insight and expertise in this area of the law are remarkable and serve as a much needed resource. Even more impressive is his courtroom demeanor. During my jury trial, he was both polished and prepared, but most importantly, he was convincing. A proven professional, Jim Medley delivered on the “Not Guilty” verdict we strived for since our very first meeting.”

A.M. (DWI)

“I wasn’t sure what to do. I was stopped and I failed the breath test. I hired Mr. Medley. He stayed on the case and fought for me until the case was dismissed without even needing a trial. Thank you very much, Jim.”

T.S. (DWI)

“I was pretty worried when I first started looking for a lawyer. I had a DWI before, and the case against me looked hopeless. Mr. Medley worked with my case over many court dates. We set the case for trial and the prosecutor dismissed the case when Mr. Medley showed up ready to fight for me. I could’ve lost everything and gone to jail for a long time.”

G.M. (DWI)

“I went into court on my first appearance and Jim was right there with me. He talked to the prosecutor about my case and showed them how my rights were violated. The case against me was dismissed in about 10 minutes. I was scared I was going to have a criminal record, but my record is clear.”

S.G. (Possession of Marijuana)

Expert Witness on Sobriety Testing

“I want to extend a major … thank you to … JIM MEDLEY. … Jim hit the stand for me and proceeded to methodically destroy the government’s case. … On the film, my client could only do the One Leg Stand test for about 5 seconds and walked about 7 steps on the Walk & Turn test before he fell and the test was stopped. NINE, yes NINE minutes NOT GUILTY. … Jim quoted all the studies, the figures were great. … Well, my client was more than pleased and the DA was so pissed. … It was GREAT! THANKS AGAIN JIM!”



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