Why Hire Jim Medley?


If you were recently arrested on DWI charges, you’re probably very concerned about fines, incarceration and the potential for incurring a permanent criminal record, all of which can affect your job, your livelihood, your auto insurance premiums and your future. Texas is renowned for being one of the harshest states in the nation when it comes to criminal sentencing and penalties, so your future hinges on retaining an experienced and skilled Houston DWI attorney.Jim Medley and Misty Thomas

When facing DWI charges and an aggressive prosecutor, you’re going to need an attorney who has focused his practice on DWI defense such as Jim Medley. What sets Medley apart from other DWI lawyers in the Houston area? He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of criminal justice.

He began his career working in the trenches as a police officer for more than 12 years, giving him a unique perspective into law enforcement’s methodology and techniques. He has trained and supervised law enforcement officers, and he has served a professor of criminal law and criminal justice. With his real-world experience combined with his education and experience as an instructor and professor, he is viewed as a triple threat by his peers and is a formidable adversary in the courtroom.


Medley is a member and graduate of the National College for DUI Defense, which trains DUI defense attorneys in the understanding of the scientific and legal processes of DUI. Issues addressed in the training include search and seizure, due process, illegal interrogation, denial of counsel and evidentiary issues. The legal issues that impact a DUI case include various scientific areas of expertise such as anatomy, biology, chemistry and toxicology.

Skilled DUI defense lawyers must have a working understanding of the operation of breath-testing equipment and the instruments utilized by forensic laboratories. With Medley’s master’s degree in forensic toxicology, you can be confident that your DWI case is in highly capable hands.

If you or someone you love has been arrested for DWI in Houston, you should contact the Law Office of Jim Medley. as soon as possible. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of criminal justice and with his esteemed credentials, you are working with a true professional. When facing criminal charges that can significantly impact your future, there is no reason why you should hire someone with lesser qualifications and experience, because you deserve the best.

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