No-Refusal Weekends in Texas

no refusal weekend texas

BAC blood tests are the most reliable chemical tests in DWI cases. The conviction rate in these cases is over 95 percent in most jurisdictions. But because of restrictions from Texas law and the United States Supreme Court, blood tests are only available in a limited number of cases. That is, unless you happen to be pulled over during a No-Refusal Weekend.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

What does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A defense lawyer is a champion of the individual. When the government levels a criminal accusation against someone, they have officers and investigators that have spent time preparing evidence that they believe is incriminating against that person. They sometimes even have chemists and other experts that are prepared to go to court and try to… Read more »

Can COVID-19 Get My Harris County DWI Dismissed?

DWI Arrests are Down Lately, I have been getting questions from people about how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect the dismissal of their DWI case. Arrests for DWI in Harris County, TX are much lower than they were before March. With restaurants and bars being closed for over six weeks, fewer people were out driving after… Read more »

The Coronavirus and My Arrest

Why The ALR Hearing Matters

HOW WILL THE CORONAVIRUS AFFECT MY COURT DATE? Everyone who has been arrested in Harris county, Texas has questions about how to move forward not only with all of the new challenges to life in general, but also how to comply with answering to their arrest situation.  I will provide some answers to some of Harris county’s most… Read more »