What’s the Deal with CBD in Houston? [Infographic]

Texas CBD Laws

With the recent passing of House Bill 1325,  laws are changing in terms of the production of hemp and hemp-derived products in Texas, such as CBD oil.  Before you get too far ahead of yourself, however, familiarize yourself with what CBD is,  what the new bill covers, and what is still very much illegal here… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask a Criminal Defense Attorney Before Hiring

judge gavel with lawyer meeting client to help in criminal defense case

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, the Sixth Amendment guarantees the right to counsel. Some people elect to go with a public defender and these lawyers are usually very good. However, a public defender is not always a possibility. On the other hand, many prefer to have their own lawyer; a private… Read more »

7 Ways to Beat a DWI

glass of alcohol next to a set of car keys

In 2018, Texas law enforcement officers made almost 100,000 DWI arrests. These individuals must often deal with severe direct consequences, like mandatory drivers’ license suspension and extended court supervision. There are substantial indirect consequences as well, such as sky-high auto insurance rates and the stigma of a criminal record. But people who are arrested for… Read more »

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

lawyer advocating for a criminal in the court room

In 2000, a Mexican woman performed a C-Section on herself. Both she and the baby survived. After slicing at her abdomen for about an hour, she delivered the infant and cut his umbilical cord with a pair of scissors. So, it’s possible to perform major surgery on yourself. But most people would not do so,… Read more »

5 Factors Influence Your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

As you near the end of an evening out with friends, you ask yourself “should I risk having another drink before I need to drive home?” Although you feel fine and are confident that you’ll be able to drive safely, you still have to assess whether it’s worth enjoying another cocktail since it will increase… Read more »

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Safety Driving Tips

With winter weather comes more challenges on the road. Snow, slush and icy roads make it harder for drivers to see, slow down and stop. All are factors that can increase the chances of a bad accident. If you need to drive in winter weather, prepare your car in advance, know the forecast and drive… Read more »