Undermining the WAT In A DWI Trial

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In the United States, the defendant does not have to “prove” anything in criminal court. Instead, to escape punishment, the defendant only needs to create a reasonable doubt in one juror’s mind. The jury can only convict on a unanimous verdict in Texas. So, rather than completely discrediting the walk-and-turn test, and any other evidence… Read more »

How Do Alcohol and Prescription Drugs Interact?

Interaction of Alcohol and Prescription Drugs

In a nutshell, most people drink and most people also take prescription medications. The effects of alcohol vary. Alcohol can intensify some medicine side-effects like drowsiness and lightheadedness. It can take much less alcohol to intensify medication side-effects than it would take to become intoxicated on alcohol alone. The medication-alcohol combination has some legal effects… Read more »

Wearable BAC Monitor

A wrist-mounted BAC monitor that can either work independently or interface with an Apple Watch is taking the wearable tech world up a notch. The gadget does more than produce a BAC readout that’s almost law enforcement accurate. It predicts future BAC levels, giving users insight into how quickly, or how slowly, their bodies metabolize… Read more »

Avoiding The Consequences Of A Third DWI

Felony DWI prosecutions are somewhat rare in states that have 10-year lookback periods. But there is no such restriction in Texas, so as long as the prior conviction was after 1984, it can be used against defendants. In Houston, a third DWI is a third degree felony. That means a maximum ten years in prison… Read more »

Three Ways to Get Pulled Over For a DWI

Three Ways to Get Pulled Over For a DWI

Before an officer can utter the six words we all hate to hear (please step out of the car), the officer must have reasonable suspicion to believe that the driver is intoxicated. Under Terry v. Ohio, this standard is a mixture of “specific articulable facts” and the officer’s subjective interpretation of those facts. Observed Activity… Read more »

What To Expect After A First DWI Arrest

What To Expect After A First DWI Arrest

Largely because alcohol-related crashes are still a hot-button political issue and DWI offenses are good moneymakers for the government, Greater Houston is well-known throughout the state for its aggressive DWI arrest and prosecution policies. According to one study, roughly half of Harris County probationers were convicted of an alcohol-related offense, mostly a first DWI. Despite… Read more »