Ex-Houston Officer Now in Trouble with the Law Himself

A former police officer of the Houston, Texas area is now on trial himself, attempting to avoid conviction for the criminal accusations that have been made against him. Mr. A. Bloomberg has been accused of physically mistreating the suspect of a burglary crime in 2010, during which time he was seen on security camera arresting the suspect, C. Holley.

Earlier today, Bloomberg appeared in court before a judge and jury, testifying that he is not guilty of the accusations that have been made against him; in particular he avowed that he never kicked the teenaged boy’s head or neck. Instead, he claims to have only used his foot as a way to secure the boy’s arm as he attempted to detain the suspect.

The 29-year-old ex-officer is one of four who have been associated with this crime. Bloomberg is the first of these men to stand trial for his role in the alleged incident. He is currently facing oppression and misdemeanor charges that could land him in jail for up to a year. Although he has vehemently protested his charges, footage from the security camera appears to show Holley being kicked in the head, abdomen and neck by officers on the scene.

The case is still one of allegation and nothing more. However, Bloomberg and his fellow officers stand to be convicted if they are not adequately represented by a sound criminal defense lawyer in Houston. With an attorney from our office by your side, a criminal accusation of this nature can be tackled to the fullest degree of the law. We are prepared to handle any and all types of arrests and charges, including those of a highly complex and / or sensitive nature. Therefore, we encourage you to contact a Houston criminal defense attorney from our office today.

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