Jim Medley Obtains a Not Guilty Verdict in Recent DWI Case

Attorney Jim Medley was recently asked to represent a case in which his client had been stopped by law enforcement and arrested for a DWI offense. This was not the first time that he had been accused of driving while intoxicated, so Mr. Medley knew that his client was facing increasingly severe penalties. In addition to facing his second DWI conviction, however, his blood-alcohol concentration was measured at 0.14% at the time of his arrest—which is almost double the legal limit in the state of Texas. The case was beginning to look like an uphill battle, but even so, Attorney Medley was not deterred from working toward a successful resolution. First he assisted his client in scheduling an ALR, or Administrative License Revocation, hearing.

This type of hearing is a civil proceeding that is used to determine whether or not a DWI defendant will be able to retain their driving privileges—as a law enforcement officer is required to confiscate a driver’s license if they have failed a breath or blood test, and then issue a temporary license that expires 41 days later. After this happens, a driver only has 15 days to schedule an ALR hearing and bring their case in front of a judge. When Attorney Medley argued his client’s case at such a hearing, he was able to successfully combat the suspension of his license and restore his client’s driving privileges. This was only half of the battle, however, as they still had the criminal trial to prepare for. The man’s day in court was set for October 2, 2012.

In the time leading up to this court date, Mr. Medley worked tirelessly to investigate all of the evidence involved in his client’s case—including the results of the sobriety testing that he had been subjected to, as well as the circumstances of his arrest. From there, he devised a solid defense strategy to present before the court and prepared his client for the process ahead. When the trial finally arrived, Attorney Jim Medley was successful in obtaining a verdict of “not guilty” for his client—despite the evidence that had been stacked against them. The man was able to walk out of court that day as a free man, which can be largely attributed to the unwavering persistence and undeniable skill of Jim Medley and the entire legal team at the firm.

If you have recently been faced with a similar situation, you should not hesitate to enlist the help of a proven DWI defense lawyer like Jim Medley. Not only can he provide you with exceptional legal representation during your trial, but he will be there every step of the way to guide you through the complex criminal process—just as he was for this particular client. To find out how the experienced legal team at Jim Medley Defense Lawyer can assist you, contact our firm today and tell us about your case.