Debunking the Results of a Roadside Breathalyzer Test

If you have been arrested for DWI in Texas, due to a positive roadside breathalyzer test, your first and most effective line of defense is to engage the services of an aggressive Houston DWI attorney. From the moment you are pulled over and subjected to field sobriety tests and a roadside breathalyzer test, your freedom and your ability to operate a vehicle are at risk. Exercise your legal right to remain silent after a roadside breathalyzer test, and contact our firm at once.

While breathalyzer tests are designed to show the estimated blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of an individual, these roadside testing units are far from foolproof. There are numerous factors which can impact the results of both roadside breathalyzer tests. Some of the most common errors that occur in the administration a roadside breathalyzer test come about through an officer failing to follow the right procedure, improperly calibrated equipment, radio wave interference, weather conditions impacting readings, the health and physical condition of the individual being tested, and various other external factors. Even with a positive reading, the test results are frequently incorrect.

The attorneys at the firm have much experience debunking the results of roadside breathalyzer tests. Their founding attorney is not only a former police officer, but holds a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, has years of experience as a criminal law professor and is an official DWI sobriety test instructor. He is frequently called upon by his fellow attorneys and different law enforcement agencies throughout Texas as an expert on the subject of roadside DWI breath testing. To get help challenging the results of a roadside breathalyzer test, contact Jim Medley Defense Lawyer right away.