Tricking a Breathalyzer: Is It Possible?

A DWI charge is a very serious matter that can have drastic consequences on a person’s life. So when someone who’s been out for a few drinks is pulled over by the police, they’re usually willing to do just about anything to get out of trouble.

Whether or not you should submit to a Breathalyzer test is a topic for another time. But if you do find yourself submitting to one, is it possible to “trick” the Breathalyzer into letting you off the hook?

Everyone’s heard the legendary wisdom, usually extolled by the drunkest guy in the bar at the end of the night. “Just suck on a breath mint or chew a piece of gum on your way home and you’ll be just fine,” he says.

This might trick your boyfriend or girlfriend into thinking your breath doesn’t stink, but it will probably just make a watchful police officer even more suspicious. When it comes time to blow, the Breathalyzer doesn’t smell your breath anyway—it measures the amount of alcohol in it. So, sorry to report, but mints and gum won’t save you.

Perhaps even more ridiculous is the idea that sucking on a penny—or a handful of pennies—will help you to pass a Breathalyzer with flying colors. The idea here is the copper in the coins will confuse the Breathalyzer. Let’s ignore the fact that pennies are barely made with copper anymore (they’re mostly zinc). Either way, they won’t save you from a Breathalyzer anymore than breath mints.

The list goes on and on, with one strange myth disproven after another. It turns out, the only way to beat the Breathalyzer is to make sure you don’t drink too much in the first place or give yourself enough time to sober up. Still, it’s important to remember that failing a Breathalyzer test is not the end of the world, like some may believe. With the proper attitude and legal representation, you can turn your DWI accusation into a far more manageable situation.

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