Best DWI Defense for New Year’s 2016!

So New Year’s 2016 wasn’t so happy. You spent your day trying to get bonded out of jail and you had to start thinking about finding the best Houston DWI defense lawyer you can find. You thought you were drinking responsibly and you felt fine to be driving. Officers are out in high numbers stopping cars for any excuse they can find. You heard that you shouldn’t blow into the breath machine but they ended up taking blood from you against your will. They took your driver’s license from you and it took two days to get your car out of the impound. Where do you start?


Do Not Waste Time

A DWI defense lawyer who knows what they are doing will need to start defending your license from suspension within 15 days of your arrest. If you wait until after this time period, you will lose any rights to challenge the loss of your license.

Do Not Try To Save Money With a Cheap Lawyer

The defense of a DWI charge requires an attorney to review many police records, lab reports and training transcripts, attend advanced education and training seminars, schedule hearings, analyze video recordings and appear in court with you over the course of several months. No competent lawyer will do all of this for a few hundred dollars.

Do Not Waste Your Time Talking to Lawyers Who Only Experiment With DWI Defense

Some lawyers claim to be an expert in all areas of law. These attorneys are doing divorces, immigration, criminal defense, wills, and a few DWIs each month. These lawyers will put your driver’s license at risk and maximize your chances of being convicted of DWI. Some of the best DWI lawyers in the country are in Houston, Texas, so look for these lawyers who have focused their practice on defending DWI cases and fighting blood test evidence.

DWI Accident? Do Not Talk to Insurance Adjusters Before Getting a DWI Lawyer

When you talk to an insurance adjuster to make a statement about an accident, all of your answers are documented. Making admissions to driving, drinking or even being arrested for DWI can end up coming back to haunt you later. Get legal advice before you start talking to anyone about any accident in which you were involved. Your DWI lawyer can give you important advice about how to comply with insurance reporting responsibilities without necessarily making incriminating admissions.

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