What to Do If You’ve Been Falsely Accused of DWI

We might like to think that the chances of being falsely accused of drunk driving are pretty slim, but in fact these incidents are fairly common. In many cases, police officers are simply on such high alert for drunk drivers that they mistakenly arrest sober drivers for DWI. In other rarer cases, dishonest cops may knowingly make false drunk driving arrests. In a recent case in Chicago, for instance, one police officer was accused of falsely arresting over 130 people for drunk driving.

Every driver should be prepared for the possibility of being falsely accused of a DWI. False drunk driving arrests are not only stressful; they can be extremely costly as well. A false DWI arrest could even threaten a career or future job opportunities. Likewise, it’s in your best interest to do everything you can to protect yourself in the event of a false DWI accusation.

Be Your Own Advocate

You can start by educating yourself about what rights you have in the event of an arrest. Remember: you always have the right to remain silent. Stay calm, and document anything that could prove your innocence. Cooperate with the arresting officer, and bear in mind that as far as the law is concerned, you are innocent until proven guilty. Once you’ve made it through the initial arrest, it’s time to get the best legal counsel you can find.

Contact a Lawyer Who Specializes in DWI

DWI law, particularly in Texas, is complex and nuanced. Working with a lawyer who specializes in DWI will give you the best possible chance of effectively pleading your case and avoiding false charges. They can also work to ensure a false arrest doesn’t remain on your criminal record.

At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, we’ve helped thousands of clients to fight charges and get their cases dismissed or obtain not-guilty verdicts. Many of these cases have involved people who were falsely accused of drunk driving charges. When you work with Jim Medley, you have the benefit of more than 25 years of tested criminal justice experience. Contact us today for your free consultation, and gain the peace of mind of knowing that you have Houston’s best DWI attorney on your side.