Ways to Cope After Getting a DWI

You enjoyed a night out with friends at a local bar and drove home afterwards because you thought you were fine to drive. The next thing you know, you see red and blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror and your body freezes. You end up getting a DWI and are now stuck. What happens next? How do you cope?

Hang tight while we help ease some of the stress you are most likely feeling:

Try to become emotionally prepared

For many, a DWI arrest is an embarrassing and humiliating experience that can leave the person arrested feeling many feelings such as fear, anger, shame, and regret. Being told to get of the car, forced to perform roadside tests and getting handcuffed can cause several negative impacts on a person. Letting down family members and friends only adds to the pain, however if the person who is facing charges has an emotionally prepared mind, they will most likely handle the situation better.

Remember, you are not alone

Thousands of others have been arrested for the same thing every single day. Many courts across the country are overflowing with countless people charged with the same offense. However, don’t get too comfortable knowing you aren’t alone; you will still need to take action so your situation doesn’t go from bad to worse. Many suffer even more stress if they don’t do anything. Take the proper steps and choose an attorney so you can begin to worry less.

Choose an attorney

For DWI’s, you will want an attorney with specialized training and experience in DWI’s. Ask an attorney if they have taken any DWI cases to trial. If so, ask about the results. Browse over the attorney’s website and make a list of 2-3 attorneys to call and meet with. Do your research and choose wisely during this difficult time.

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