Houston Comes Together After Hurricane Harvey

Houston and southeast Texas are accustomed to hurricanes. The storms are just a fact of life in this part of the Lone Star State. Hurricane Harvey, however, promised to be a hurricane for the record books. Despite the horrible impact of this storm, there are many amazing stories beginning to surface of people rising to the occasion and refusing to be beaten down by Harvey.

Houston Comes Together After Hurricane Harvey

Here are a few examples of the ways that Houston banded together after Hurricane Harvey:

As people desperately sought shelter from the rising flood waters, Gallery Furniture owner Jim McIngvale decided to do something about the need. McIngvale, who is known on Twitter as Mattress Mack, opened both of his Houston stores as impromptu shelters. McIngvale ended up housing hundreds of Harvey refugees.

Scores of Houston residents placed their own boats into service as rescue vehicles to help save those who were stranded by the floodwaters. The volunteer rescuers used everything from kayaks to motorboats to rescue their neighbors who were in need.

A truck driver who was stranded in rising flood waters was rescued after a local reporter for KHOU noticed the man. The reporter, Brandi Smith, was able to alert emergency responders in a boat who rescued the trapped driver.

In one of the most iconic rescue images to surface after Hurricane Harvey, a Houston SWAT officer carried a woman and her 13-month old son to safety. The baby was comfortable enough to fall asleep on his mother’s chest as they were carried through the flood waters.

Hurricane Harvey may have brought unprecedented flooding and storm damage, but it also proved that the Houston spirit remains strong. Houston residents stepped up to help their neighbors, even though in many cases they were also victims of this catastrophic storm. Natural disasters can bring out the best and worst in people. Fortunately, in Houston there were many examples of a disaster bringing out the best in our residents.

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