The Second Chances Law May Help First-Time DWI Offenders

If you live in Texas and have one DWI charge, a new law that will go into effect this Fall may be able to help you. This new law was signed by Governor Greg Abbott and it allows people a second chance after getting a DWI conviction. If certain parameters are met, people may be able to hide their DWI from public view.

The law will apply to first-time offenders only, who had a blood alcohol level of .14 or less and did not experience a crash or hurt another person.

If you meet these conditions, you can apply for non-disclosure, which will seal your record from public view. This can be a great option for those who are looking for a job; rather than having to disclose a minor DWI, you won’t have to because there won’t be recorded public proof of it.

Many people who have been convicted of a DWI have difficulty applying for jobs. This law aims to make life easier for those who have had a minor infraction.

Part of the conditions for having the record sealed is to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle. If it’s successfully used for six months, and other court orders are followed, the DWI can be sealed. If you choose not to install an ignition interlock, you may still have the record sealed—but you’ll have to wait five years.

MADD says that this incentive to install interlock devices is a step forward in the prevention of drunk driving: one-time offenders will have incentive to not drink and drive a second time, and it may encourage their friends and family members to be more cautious when stepping behind the wheel of their own vehicle.

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