What To Do If Your Child Gets a DWI

Few things are scarier to a parent than a phone call from the police, and hearing that their child has been arrested for DWI can be especially upsetting. So what should you do if you’re faced with this situation?

Stay calm

Your first impulse may be to yell and scream, as you are reasonably frustrated and angry with your child. While this reaction is understandable, it could make the situation worse. You’ll want to keep things as brief and matter-of-fact as possible while your child is in police custody. Provide the authorities with any information they may need so you can get your child home as soon as possible. You also don’t want your child to incriminate him or herself by trying to answer all your questions; once your child is home you’ll have plenty of time to talk through what happened.

Talk it out

Once you’ve had time to cool down, have a serious conversation with your child about what happened. Try to determine why he or she made the decision to drive under the influence, and make sure your child understands the consequences. If you’re concerned your child might have a drinking or drug problem, there are many different kinds of treatments and programs that could help.

Contact a professional

There will likely be legal issues to deal with as a result of the DWI, from minor penalties to more serious charges. A conviction could have a devastating impact on your child’s future, making his or her search for the right college or job that much more difficult. That’s why it’s extremely important to contact experts like Jim Medley who have the necessary legal expertise to help your child. If you’re in the Houston, Texas, area and your child is facing DWI charges, contact the office of Jim Medley today.