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Wearable BAC Monitor

A wrist-mounted BAC monitor that can either work independently or interface with an Apple Watch is taking the wearable tech world up a notch. The gadget does more than produce a BAC readout that’s almost law enforcement accurate. It predicts future BAC levels, giving users insight into how quickly, or how slowly, their bodies metabolize… Read more »

Avoiding The Consequences Of A Third DWI

Felony DWI prosecutions are somewhat rare in states that have 10-year lookback periods. But there is no such restriction in Texas, so as long as the prior conviction was after 1984, it can be used against defendants. In Houston, a third DWI is a third degree felony. That means a maximum ten years in prison… Read more »

Mobile Device Distractions Becoming More Deadly

Mobile Device Distractions Becoming More Deadly

Deaths on the highways around the country have increased in the past several months. Many would be quick to begin to blame DWI drivers for these deaths, however data shows many of these deaths are caused by drivers talking on mobile phones, texting, surfing the web, and browsing Facebook. This epidemic is growing rapidly and… Read more »

How Does Alcohol Interact With Prescription Drugs?

When you’re taking prescription medications (as well as some over-the-counter drugs or herbal remedies) keep in mind that drinking alcohol may cause or increase harmful effects. Alcohol and medications mixing together can lead to many problems, including drowsiness, dizziness, and fainting. A driver may experience impairment of coordination, and the risk of accident may be… Read more »

Overview of Traffic Fatalities Involving Different Substances

A recent article posted on drug provides a survey of data collected from the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTSA) and other sources that summarizes traffic crash death statistics with regard to evidence of drug use. The report provides interesting data about ratios of DWI related deaths by each state.  Interestingly, Texas DWI rates were below average… Read more »