How Do I Choose a Lawyer? Criminal & DUI/DWI Defense in Texas and Colorado

How Do I Choose a Lawyer?

Selecting the Right Houston Criminal Attorney

If you’ve been accused of a crime in Texas, you need a defense attorney. The government has prosecutors, trained lawyers whose job is to try to punish you. Many prosecutors seek harsh punishments for even first-time offenders. You have rights that protect you from unfair punishment, but you need to have your own trained criminal lawyer in your corner to fight for those rights. No matter what you’ve been accused of, you are legally innocent until your guilt is proven by lawful evidence. You don’t just want any defense lawyer to handle your case. You want an experienced and well-trained lawyer, someone with a track record of successful results who has proven them self as an able defender.

Experience is important, but do not confuse years of practice as a substitute for a lawyer’s experience. There are Houston lawyers who have practiced for decades but who do not fight for their clients, and do not charge fees necessary for quality work. These Houston defense lawyers are guilty plea machines. Experience before practicing criminal law can provide a very important background. Defense lawyers who have experience as prosecutors or as police officers can be very valuable assets in dealing with criminal cases, providing additional insight and knowledge for your care. You certainly want your Texas defense lawyer to know how the state is thinking, and how they plan to prosecute you.

Aren’t All Defense Lawyers the Same?

Not at all. Every area of law is different, and has its own rules, statutes, court cases and fact issues that can be very unique. There are as many distinct areas of law as there are types of doctors and scientists. Even within the area of criminal law, there are unique types of cases that require specific in-depth expertise, such as DWI cases.

Unfortunately, many Houston lawyers will accept any case people are willing to pay them money for. There are no required law school courses in Texas criminal law, and many lawyers will practice criminal law without ever having studied the Texas criminal codes. Don’t assume a Houston attorney knows what they are doing just because they have a law degree.

Even among lawyers who claim to focus on criminal defense, there is an immense difference between lousy lawyers, good lawyers and great lawyers. There are lousy lawyers, usually characterized by their cheap fees, quick sales talk and the harsh sentences their clients often get. The good lawyers get fair results here and there and an occasional dismissal or acquittal. Great lawyers know the cases they represent inside and out. Great lawyers charge fees that are proportionate to the work they put into a case and proportionate to the result that is expected of them. Great Houston criminal lawyers have a proven history of justice for their clients.

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