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Colorado DUI Attorney Jim Medley

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Colorado DUI lawyer
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URGENT DUI NOTICE: Only 7 days to save your license!

         Jim Medley Colorado DUI Defense Lawyer

         DUI Defense Lawyer: Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe, and Adams counties, CO


 Widely respected after over 20 years of criminal/ drivers license defense practice, DUI DEFENSE LAWYER JIM MEDLEY has worked to have over 1,500 criminal cases dismissed, including hundreds of intoxicated driving cases dismissed or found Not Guilty. Jim Medley Defense Lawyer has helped hundreds of people charged with criminal cases. We have represented 1st offense DUI cases, multiple arrest clients, extremely high blood alcohol level cases, breath tests, impaired driving with child passengers, crashes, and DUIs based on drugs/ medications, and marijuana DUIs.

Experienced Colorado DUI lawyer Jim Medley will work hard to protect your rights, your freedom, your reputation, and your drivers license. Jim Medley will review every detail of your situation to determine what defenses can be raised, whether motions can be filed to have evidence excluded from court, and whether other weaknesses exist in the prosecutor's allegations against you.

Jim Medley DUI lawyer

Building an aggressive defense against a Colorado DUI charge requires thorough preparation. You need a DUI defense lawyer immediately. Whether your arrest involves drinking, using marijuana, or even a combination of both, the best DUI lawyers want to get started right away so the prosecutors don't have too much of a head start.

If you or someone you care about has been arrested, you can be sure that the county prosecutors will be seeking criminal punishment. The Colorado attorneys who will prosecute you are trained and experienced. Without a skilled DUI defense lawyer at your side, you are at an increased chance of being subject to the consequences of a criminal conviction, which will follow you around for life.

Meet Your Attorney

Attorney Jim Medley began studying criminal justice in 1988. He completed his bachelor degree from Auburn University in under three years. After graduating #1 in his academy class, Jim became a police officer at age 21 Jim was a DUI defense attorney by age 30. Now, with over 20 years experience as a defense  lawyer, Jim Medley applies his knowledge and experience in criminal justice and forensics to aggressively defend people arrested for drunk driving.   Watch the short video to the right!

Awards and Recognitions

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top DUI attorney 2022
top DUI attorney 2024

Top rated DUI Lawyer for Denver county, Adams county, Jefferson  county, and Arapahoe county, Colorado


A DUI arrest can upend your life. Merely being arrested for the offense, even if you are innocent, can result in bond restrictions that can limit your freedom. If you are convicted, the restrictions on your liberty will only get worse. The simplest DUI is a punishable by up to 6 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $500. Aggravating factors and subsequent violations can increase the level of the charge and, therefore, the penalties you face. Colorado attorney Jim Medley has dealt with DUI prosecutors in Brighton, Denver, Golden, and Littleton, Colorado. 

A Colorado DUI case is complex. There is a lot of science involved. Before you are arrested, the police officer may have had you submit to roadside sobriety tests or a roadside breath test. Many cases involve laboratory blood alcohol testing or police breath testing.  Everything that happened from the initial stop to official charges being filed can affect the outcome of your case. If law enforcement officials did not follow correct procedures and the stop or your arrest was unlawful or the blood or breath testing machine was not properly maintained, any evidence collected could be deemed inadmissible if you have a top Colorado DUI defense attorney.

DUI Defense Attorney Jefferson County, Denver County, Arapahoe County and Adams County, Colorado


Jim Medley Defense Lawyer is a criminal defense law firm providing high-quality legal representation to those facing DUI charges in and near Denver. We know that facing criminal accusations can be frightening and stressful, which is why we are committed to standing by our client's side through every stage in their case. We take the time to talk with the people we help, ensuring that they understand the charges they are facing and their legal options. Although being charged with a criminal offense can be scary, these types of cases are not without hope, and we are ready to protect your rights and best interests.

Our Colorado DUI defense attorney has an impressive background in the criminal justice field and criminal law. He is a former police officer who knows law enforcement's methods and techniques so well that he has trained other attorneys in DUI defense. Additionally, he holds three master's degrees and previously worked as a professor of criminal justice. For over 22 years, he has been practicing criminal defense. Committed to staying current with changes in the law and to helping other DUI lawyers strengthen their knowledge, he has been invited to speak about DUI defense methods at legal seminars for over 17 years.

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