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If you are facing a criminal charge it is crucial that you get legal representation at once. Whether you are facing a DWI offense or other serious criminal charge, you need the highest quality defender to move into action on your behalf. Houston criminal defense attorney Jim Medley has garnered an impressive court record and is prepared to evaluate your case to determine how to move forward with your defense. As a former professor of Criminal Justice, Jim Medley holds a master’s degree in Forensic Toxicology, and has outstanding qualifications and credentials to be your defense lawyer.

Anyone familiar with the criminal justice system is aware that the competence of the defense can have a huge impact on the final case outcome. Knowing that you have a high quality, proven attorney behind you is of critical importance. Jim Medley has more than 20 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field, including more than 16 years as a Houston defense lawyer.



Jim Medley has the knowledge and experience to fight criminal charges of all kinds. Jim Medley aggressively defends those accused of a wide variety of charges, including the following:


An Assault charge can be difficult for a lawyer to defend. There are often multiple stories and skewed police reports. Sometimes these cases are complicated by personal relationships, marriage problems, and children. Jim Medley has years of experience dealing with these complications and is aware of the subtleties required for success in court.

Credit Card Fraud

Defending License Suspension

Are you facing the threat of suspension of your driving privileges? A driver’s license suspension can result from a DWI arrest or a DWI conviction.  Drivers can lose their license by other convictions, like drug charges and Evading Arrest. Many suspensions can be defended or appealed. In most cases of license suspension, the driver may be eligible at a minimum to obtain a court order to allow limited driving for work, school, and taking care of children.

Domestic Violence

This crime involves the act of causing bodily injury or threatening to cause bodily injury to a family member, such as a spouse, child or relative. The state of Texas has enacted severe penalties for domestic violence charges; you may face penalties like jail time and fines upwards of $4,000. Some of these charges are an automatic felony. You will want the most thorough lawyers you can hire in one of these cases.

Drug Possession

Both state and federal law enforcement agents are on the prowl for any person who possesses many different types of drugs commonly used recreationally in Texas. Jim Medley is familiar with the strategies for defending against drug-related offenses, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine.


The State of Texas has ruled that it is illegal to drive a vehicle with a BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) of 0.08 percent or higher. If you are caught driving while intoxicated, you may be convicted of a DWI and face serious penalties, possible including a long prison term. It is also important to have a Houston DWI lawyer to have the best chance of keeping your driver’s license.

Evading Arrest

Evading arrest in a motor vehicle is a very serious charge. Only recently was this situation elevated in Texas law to be a 3rd degree felony. A single incident of a police chase could result in up to 10 years in prison. Jim Medley defends all Evading Arrest charges.


Looking to clear your permanent record? The process of expungement involves the removal of an arrest, fingerprints and booking photos from local, state and federal records. This may be an option for your case if your lawyer gets your case dismissed. To have the best chance for an expungement, hire an experienced lawyer who will have the best chance at getting your charge dismissed

Firearms Violations

Although Texas has very generous laws on the possession and ownership of firearms, there are many laws regulating the places one can go while armed, or the circumstances under which a person is not allowed to be armed. Jim Medley is a long-time gun enthusiast and feels very strongly about the rights of people to arm themselves. A former instructor of the Texas concealed carry course, Jim Medley will represent your rights in court on any weapon related charge.


Failure to stop and render aid (FSRA) is also known as hit and run, and you may be charged with this offense if you have left the scene of an accident that you were involved in. A driver who gets in an accident has the legal responsibility to exchange information with the other driver and to render aid when needed. Sometimes the exchange of information is difficult or uncomfortable. Get a lawyer immediately if something like this has happened.

Pirating Copyrighted Materials

Probation Violation

Have you been charged with violating probation? The justice system can enforce jail time for your violation, and judges tend to look unfavorably on individuals who do not strictly adhere to the terms of their probation. You need to enlist the help of a Houston defense attorney who can help you avoid jail time and other harsh penalties.


Prostitution charges can threaten your job, your family stability and your reputation in the community. You may be charged with this crime if police simply say you agreed to engage in sexual acts or sexual activity in exchange for money. These cases are not hopeless! Contact Jim Medley as soon as you can after arrest for immediate advice on defending these charges. You need the best prostitution lawyer you can find in these cases.

Resisting Arrest

If police accuse you of trying to prevent or obstruct a known peace officer from carrying out an arrest, you will be charged with Resisting Arrest. These cases often have two sides to the story, and The Law Office of Jim Medley can help make sure your voice is heard.

Tax Fraud

Theft /Shoplifting

The various types of theft crimes in the state of Texas include larceny, fraud, white-collar crimes, burglary, shoplifting and more. There can be life-altering repercussions to being convicted of a theft crime, and you need to do everything possible to avoid a conviction.  Jim Medley has represented many theft cases, and our office can help you try to avoid a shameful conviction that could affect you for life.


This occurs when someone enters a place deemed private.

Violent Crime


If you need legal defense for a case relating to any of these areas, do not hesitate to contact Houston criminal lawyer Jim Medley. Mr. Medley can guide you through each step of your criminal proceedings and serve as an aggressive legal advocate on your behalf. Contact our office immediately so we can begin evaluating your case and help you find the best strategy for your defense.

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