Credit Card Fraud Attorney

CHARGED WITH FRAUD? The Law Office of Jim Medley CAN HELP.

The Law Office of Jim Medley is dedicated to defending those who are accused of credit card fraud in the Houston area. If you are accused of committing credit card fraud, you are facing felony charges, and the penalties imposed in a conviction will likely include a long period of incarceration. If the crime is believed to be part of a large-scale operation, you can expect heavier penalties.

This type of fraud has become more common in recent years, and both federal and state task forces are involved in hunting down offenders. As with many white-collar crimes, when financial institutions are defrauded, the federal authorities get involved. A case of credit card fraud can include added charges, such as identity theft, grand larceny, falsifying business records and forgery.

If you are the target of an investigation for credit card fraud, your legal position is extremely dangerous. It is imperative that you get legal representation from a Houston credit card fraud attorney immediately. Do not answer any questions without your legal counsel present to protect you. Contact the Law Office of Jim Medley directly to discuss the defense of your case, which should be initiated immediately upon your arrest or as soon as you believe you are being investigated by the authorities for this crime.

Some of the situations that could lead to charges of credit card fraud include:

  • The use of a credit card that the bearer knows is not his or hers, without authority
  • Selling a credit card that belongs to another person
  • Buying a credit card that belongs to another person
  • Applying for a credit card under another person’s name
  • Using a fictitious name to get a credit card
  • Using another person’s identity to get a credit card
  • Acquiring credit card numbers without the authority of the owner and purchasing items in “card is not present” transactions, such as online purchases


A conviction for credit card fraud can result in incarceration for up to two years and a fine as high as $10,000. For large-scale credit card fraud operations, the penalties will be far more severe. At the Law Office of Jim Medley, you will be represented by a high-powered defense lawyer who is concerned with only one thing – protecting your freedom. The firm will work diligently to assist you to reduce the severity of your charges, avoid conviction, or seek alternatives to incarceration.

For a professional credit card fraud and criminal defense attorney, contact the firm today!