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Failure to Stop and Render Aid (FSRA) is also known as hit and run. Police usually assume that a driver who leaves the scene of an accident is driving while intoxicated or has something else to hide. This suspicion can make them especially conscientious in their investigation to track down the vehicle and driver. A small amount of property damage is considered a misdemeanor but can still mean incarceration and a fine. If another person is injured in the crash, a felony charge of FSRA will be filed.

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With the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer, Jim Medley, you can aggressively challenge the prosecution’s evidence and witness testimony.  An effective defense can potentially lead to an acquittal or dismissal of the charges against you. Working with legal counsel who is determined to aggressively pursue a successful outcome is your best chance of protecting your criminal record. Attorney Jim Medley is a former law professor and has a unique understanding of criminal defense, and is sincerely committed to protecting your rights. For a free and confidential consultation,  contact the Law Office of Jim Medley today!

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