Houston Firearm Violations & Possession of Weapons Attorney


Texas handgun laws are very generous on allowing Texans to bear arms as we wish. There are however limitations on the types of weapons we may possess or carry, and limitations on places we can go with weapons that may be lawful in other places. For about 20 years, Texas has allowed qualified people to obtain licenses to carry concealed weapons. Recently, Texas law was changed to allow for the open carry of handguns for those eligible. There are however limitations that arise that can require a weapons possessor lawyer to deal with.

Firearm / Weapon Violations Attorney in HoustonOne situation when a person cannot carry a weapon is if they are in the process of committing some other crime.  A common situation is a DWI driver.  A person may lawfully have a handgun in their car, but if they are committing some other charge like DWI or Possession of Controlled Substance, the weapon is no longer legal to possess.  Better call a weapons lawyer like Jim Medley.

Another common situation where someone can be in trouble for carrying a weapon is if it is in a place where weapons are prohibited. Bars, courtrooms, polling places on election day and schools are common examples of places where weapons can get a person in trouble, even if the weapon was legal somewhere else.  Businesses can even opt to forbid people to enter who are carrying weapons.  The familiar 30.06 sign is a warning that a licensed handgun carrier is trespassing if they are armed with a concealed weapon.

Some weapons charges are felonies. If a person is a convicted felon, possession of any type of firearm, even at home, is a felony charge. Also weapons like machine guns, sawed off shotguns, and explosive devices are felonies to possess.

Any type of weapon charge on your record is stigmatizing in today’s environment. If you are charged with any form of weapon possession, Jim Medley will represent you. Jim Medley is a criminal defense lawyer and former concealed handgun license instructor and an instructor of self defense. He has extensive experience with weapon charges and he will represent you with enthusiasm to protect your rights to own weapons.