Concealed Handgun Violations


In the state of Texas, citizens are required to have a permit to conceal and carry handgun with them. If you were caught without a permit and arrested then you can face expensive fines and possibly jail time. There are options in any case, but it is very important that you contact an experienced law firm before the case progresses any further. Concealing and carrying a handgun without a permit is a serious offense and you must take action at once if you hope to avoid conviction. If you are arrested and charged with concealing and carrying a handgun without a permit, it is in your best interests to retain qualified legal counsel.


If you were in a public area and concealed a handgun without a permit, then you would be in violation of handgun statute. Houston criminal attorney Jim Medley was a police officer for 12 years prior to practicing law and he is very aware of how ways that law enforcement could have violated your rights. His past experiences, combined with 11 years of criminal defense, as well as his 20 years in the criminal justice field, have provided him with great insight and knowledge when it comes to firearms violations. The experienced and professional team at Jim Medley & Associates will review every detail of the evidence to identify the best defense opportunities for your case.

The hard work and dedication to justice for their clients can serve you well if you are accused of violating the law regarding carrying a concealed weapon. Their legal team will work tirelessly and defend you with confidence. Their impressive court record speaks for itself. At Jim Medley & Associates, they know how to navigate the justice system for the benefit of their clients, and advise that you get your case reviewed by their firm at once. Their lawyers’ years of experience and proven court record can be of great value to any person facing criminal accusations of concealing a weapon without a permit. Contact the team of Houston criminal lawyers at Jim Medley & Associates today!