Weapons Possession Lawyer


The handgun laws on the books in Texas are relaxed compared to the handgun laws on the books in many other states. Texans are legally permitted to bear arms as they wish for the most part, but there are some limitations placed on the specific types of guns Texans can possess and carry. There are also limitations on when and where Texans can take their weapons, and if you don’t abide by the rules in cities like Houston, you could potentially face weapons charges and firearms violations.

For 20 years, Texas has allowed those who qualify to obtain licenses to carry concealed weapons. The state also recently changed their laws to allow those who are eligible to carry handguns openly in Texas. You still need to practice care staying within the limits of the law. Otherwise, you might need to hire a Houston attorney to help you respond to weapons charges filed against you and firearms violations.

One situation in which a person is not legally allowed to carry a weapon in Texas is when they’re caught in the act of committing a crime. For example, you could face weapons charges and firearms violations if you’re arrested for DWI. Under normal circumstances, you’re well within your rights to have a firearm in your vehicle while driving. However, if you happen to be charged with DWI or possession of a controlled substance, the firearm will no longer be considered legal. You’ll need to call The Law Offices of Jim Medley for legal help in Houston right away.

You could also face weapons charges and firearms violations if you’re caught carrying a firearm in a place where weapons are prohibited. There are many places where guns are not allowed, including bars, schools, courtrooms, and polling places on election days. There are also many businesses that post 30.06 signs on their front doors banning weapons from their premises. You could face trespassing charges on top of weapons charges if you’re found to have a handgun in one of these businesses.

There are some weapons charges that will be felonies. If, for instance, a person is a convicted felon already, they aren’t legally allowed to possess guns. It’ll result in felony charges being filed against them if they’re caught with a firearm. You might also face felony charges if you’re caught carrying weapons like sawed-off shotguns, machine guns, and explosive devices.

If you have weapons charges and firearm violations on your record, it’ll often come with a stigma attached. You may have trouble landing jobs and creating a successful life for yourself. The Law Offices of Jim Medley can represent you in Houston and help you fight gun-related charges. As a former concealed handgun license instructor, Jim Medley can provide you with the experience and expertise you need to protect your right to legally own and possess weapons. Call 713-668-2394 today to get started.