Firearms Violations: Self-Defense


The laws of the United States allow persons to defend themselves, and even use deadly means if it is defense of their life, house or another’s life. Self-defense is a very important issue, but often a case in which one people acted to defend themselves from harm can lead to a criminal charge. People often get arrested and charged for when defending themselves from danger or intervening in a dispute or incident. If you do not move forward to defend against these criminal accusations, it can result in serious penalties – including jail or prison time – and a future that is forever damaged.

By turning to Jim Medley, you can receive top-rate legal counsel from a seasoned Houston self-defense lawyer for your case. If you were attacked while performing a normal or even illegal activity and used deadly force to protect yourself, someone else or your property, you may have a legitimate self-defense case. You are allowed under the law to perform such acts when the situation offers you no other alternative. Other factors may come into play as well, including if you had a permit for your weapon or why you were in that location.

Jim Medley can help to sift through all the evidence to identify the best course of action in any self-defense case. His extensive knowledge and experience can be a great value to those who are facing serious legal problems after an act of self-defense.


Defending yourself and then facing criminal charges can be a very traumatic event, and it is vital that you have a very qualified and professional self-defense lawyer fighting for you. Jim Medley knows exactly how important it is that you are found not guilty if you were protecting yourself, your family or your property. Medley has served in the Texas police force, and is a former professor of criminal justice. He has experienced firsthand the situations that justify taking actions to defend against harm.

Knowing you have high quality, professional and proven legal counsel is crucial. We advise that you contact us immediately if you have been arrested and charged or are under investigation in any case in which you acted in self-defense.