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Aggressive Defense for Drug Offenses in Harris County

Have you or someone you know been charged with drug possession in Texas? If so, you should contact a Houston criminal lawyer at the Law Office of Jim Medley as soon as possible. The law office serves the greater Houston area and all of Harris County, Texas.


Attorney Jim Medley is a former Texas peace officer with more than 10 years of field experience. An accomplished criminal attorney with a track record of success in defending those charges with possession, Jim Medley received extensive exposure and experience with drug arrests as an officer. Because of this, he is familiar with search warrants, jump-out tactics, traffic stops and undercover operations.

Jim Medley knows which police procedures are appropriate and which are unlawful. Illegal searches can get cases dismissed. Drug crime investigations also frequently involve search and seizure. Jim Medley was a professor of criminal justice for seven years, and taught search and seizure regulations to law enforcement students. He has unique insight into the technical aspects of search and seizure law.


In Texas, possession of a controlled substance (PCS) such as marijuana, cocaine, controlled prescription medications or methamphetamine occurs when a person intentionally has care, custody, control or management over the item(s) in question. Possession does not require ownership. Even if drugs belong to someone else, any person who knowingly has care, control or management of drugs when they are found can be charged. Drug possession may result in a criminal record, which can have adverse effects on your future. Drug possession penalties depend on the type of drugs involved, the amount, whether minors were involved in the offense, and whether the defendant has a prior criminal history. Penalties may include jail time, fines, probation or all of these.

A common point of controversy in drug cases is the consent to search. Many times police officers obtain consent to search from people who have illegal drugs or other contraband in their vehicles. Sometimes police officers trick people or intimidate them into giving consent to search. Texas courts will accept one’s consent to search even if it is not in writing. This can cause problems, in that police can say they obtained consent to search when they really did not. Those situations are difficult to combat after the fact, especially if the person arrested has a prior record. Not all criminal lawyers in Houston have the experience needed to deal with these situations.

Drug Crime Attorney in Houston


Regardless of the drug possession charges you may be facing, it is important to have an experienced criminal lawyer in your corner that has the experience and skills to provide an aggressive and comprehensive defense on your behalf. You should consult with a Houston drug possession defense attorney at the Law Office of Jim Medley as soon as possible following your arrest. The sooner you seek legal counsel, the sooner he can get to work on getting you the best possible case outcome.