Drug Manufacturing


As part of the war on drugs, one of the areas law enforcement agencies and prosecutors focus on is catching and convicting individuals who illegally manufacture drugs. Those who are convicted of drug manufacturing charges can face harsh penalties, including lengthy jail or prison terms and steep fines. If you are facing these possible consequences, it is in your best interest to consult with a capable legal professional that can provide you with aggressive defense in the courtroom. At Houston’s Jim Medley & Associates P.C., their criminal attorneys have extensive experience working in the criminal justice system and are knowledgeable about Texas’ drug crime laws. Their team can provide you with the legal guidance you need for your case.


Under state law, manufacturing is defined as producing, preparing, propagating, compounding, converting or processing a controlled substance – directly or indirectly – through various specified methods. Manufacturing can even refer to the packaging or repackaging of the drug, as well as the labeling of the drug’s container. This definition only applies to drugs other than marijuana, which is cultivated, rather than manufactured.

It is not against the law for authorized practitioners to manufacture controlled substances when they are administering or dispensing the drugs through their professional duties, or when they are engaging in authorized research, teaching or chemical analysis. It is against the law, however, for other individuals who are not authorized to manufacture controlled substances to carry out such activities with the intent of delivering the drugs to others.

The penalties for drug manufacturing are divided into four penalty groups in the state of Texas, with the punishments depending on the type of drug and the amount. The potential felony penalties for the manufacturing of drugs listed in these groups range from just a few months in jail and minor fines to life prison terms and fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Manufacturing of drugs not listed in these penalty groups can be considered misdemeanors and can be subject to less severe penalties.

Defendants in drug manufacturing cases should be aware that sentences could be enhanced for aggravating factors. For example, a sentence can be enhanced if a child was present on the premises where the drugs were manufactured, or if another person was seriously injured or killed as a result of taking the drugs that were illegally manufactured by the offender. A lawyer from Jim Medley & Associates can review the facts of your case and determine which penalties could apply to you and whether you are subject to any possible sentence enhancements.


At The Law offices of Jim Medley, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of legal defense. Their professional and experienced team thoroughly investigates the details of every case to see if there were any mistakes made by law enforcement during the arrest, such as illegal search and seizure of the drugs involved in the alleged offense. If unlawful search and seizure tactics were used – or if officers violated your rights in some other way – it could be possible to get the case dismissed.

The firm has many veteran professionals as part of their team, including a lawyer who formerly worked with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Section during his law career, as well as a lawyer who formerly served as a Texas police officer. This means that their team has unique insight into how law enforcement operates when handling procedures such as drug busts. They also have insights into how potential problems can occur in these types of scenarios. Their law firm can also help you weigh various other options for challenging your charges.

You might have a strong case for an acquittal or case dismissal due to various factors, such as being able to prove you were not actually the person responsible for manufacturing the drugs, or simply the ability to show that there is simply not enough strong evidence against you. It may also be possible to seek lesser charges, such as drug possession, through negotiation with prosecutors. Whatever defense methods you decide to use, the team at Jim Medley & Associates can provide you with tough advocacy throughout the entire process. Contact the firm today!