Drug Prescription Violations


There are laws concerning the use or trafficking of not only illegal drugs, but also prescription drugs. People can be charged with a felony crime in cases of fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shopping, or selling or possessing prescription medications illegally. These charges are serious and can result in jail time or a prison sentence.

The team of criminal lawyers at Jim Medley & Associates can help you defend against charges related to the illegal use or sale of prescription medications. Attorney Jim Medley has been working in criminal justice for the last 20 years and has been a criminal lawyer serving the Houston area for the last 11 years.

Medley’s successes have resulted in his nomination as Houston’s “Top Lawyer” for the last three years in a row. The consequences of a conviction can affect your life permanently, as many of these cases are charged as a felony, which is a serious legal charge. Jim Medley & Associates has an impressive court record, and has provided aggressive legal counsel for many individuals who have been charged in cases related to the illegal use, possession or sale of prescription drugs. The firm has represented many individuals successfully in similar cases, and is prepared to evaluate your unique case and advise you on the best approach to defending you from the charges lobbied against you.


Jim Medley & Associates’ goal is to fight aggressively for each and every client and to provide him or her with the best defense possible. The deep knowledge of Medley and his staff will go through your case and work diligently to get your case dismissed or reduce the charges against you. An aggressive defense lawyer is what you need right now and their team will guide you through the process and fight for every advantage possible in your drug crime case. The first step is to contact the firm to schedule a consultation and to analyze the evidence that led to your arrest. There are always options in every case, and Jim Medley & Associates will perform a thorough review of the evidence against you to identify you most viable defense. Contact the firm today and get started on planning your case.