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Being arrested for any crime is a stressful and intimidating experience. Making matters worse, even after going through the difficult process of navigating the criminal justice system, an arrest or conviction on your record can negatively impact the rest of your life. A criminal record can be a real barrier to your future employment or advancement in your career.

Don’t let an earlier legal issue affect the rest of your life. Contact an experienced expungement lawyer as soon as possible to work on your behalf to clear your record.

With the help of the Law Office of Jim Medley, you may be able to successfully obtain an expungement / expunction of your arrest so that you can move forward with your life with confidence. An expungement is simply when all records of an arrest, fingerprints, and booking photos are removed from local, state and federal records. Expungement might be an option for you if your arrest was a mistake, the charges were dropped, or if you were acquitted of charges.
Criminal Expungement Lawyer Houston
If you do not meet the requirements for an expungement, you may still be eligible for a petition of nondisclosure. Attorney Jim Medley understands that a record of arrest or criminal record not only threatens your future but is also an emotionally difficult ordeal. He will take the time to carefully listen to the circumstances of your individual case and will work tirelessly on your behalf through every step of the process to aggressively pursue the sealing of your records, so you can focus on building a bright future.

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