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If you are being charged with violating the terms of your probation, you must consult a probation violation attorney right away. The judge in your case may revoke your probation and impose a long jail sentence without any trial. Probation always comes with a long list of things that you must do as well as a list of things you are forbidden from doing. Sometimes a judge may give you some slack Probation Violation Attorney in Houstonon one or two minor deviations, but a serious violation or a series of minor ones and you will be needing a probation violation defense attorney.

In Most Harris county probations, the judge can sentence a violator up to the maximum sentence allowed by Texas law. Being on probation or deferred adjudication leaves you very tolerable at the will of the judge. Do not go into court expecting leniency or automatically getting a second chance.  You must be represented by a lawyer who has experienced your judge many times over the years and will know how to best navigate you to avoid the wrath of an upset judge.

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