Violent Crime Lawyer


Texas is known nationwide for its harsh penalties for violent offenders. Violent crimes can threaten the rest of your life and result in life-long prison sentences or even the death penalty. Being charged with a violent crime is a very intimidating experience and the emotional stress for you and your family can be devastating. The police and prosecution will aggressively pursue their case against you and seek the harshest penalties available to them under the law. It is absolutely critical that you contact a skilled and experienced Houston criminal attorney who handles violent crimes as soon as you possibly can to aggressively protect your rights and your future.

The attorneys at Jim Medley & Associates P.C. are devoted to defending the rights of the accused in criminal cases. When your future is at stake, don’t rely on a lawyer that dabbles in various aspects of the law. You need someone who fully understands criminal law – a hard-hitting attorney from a firm that understands the process and can tactfully negotiate with the prosecution for reduced charges or effectively defend you at trial if necessary.

A violent crime is a criminal offense involving either the use of force or the threat of force and covers a wide range of criminal acts. The U.S. Department of Justice identifies six categories of violent offenses:

In drug crime cases or theft cases, any element of a violence that took place can result in more serious charges and unforgiving penalties. Lead attorney Jim Medley and his team of legal professionals understand what you are facing and will compassionately take the time to listen to the exact circumstances of your case, investigate your defense options, and work closely with you every step of the way. With 20 years of experience with criminal justice, Medley is not only a caring advocate dedicated to tenaciously protecting your rights, he also has an established history of achieving results for his clients.


Medley has been nominated as one of Houston’s top criminal lawyers for the past three consecutive years, and his dedication to his clients has earned him a reputation as a caring and energetic advocate for the rights of the accused. If you have been charged with a violent crime, you don’t need an attorney who makes promises; you need an attorney who has a history of delivering results for his clients. Medley has successfully had hundreds of criminal cases dismissed. He understands criminal law and will thoroughly evaluate your case to develop a strategy to seek to achieve the best possible result for your case. Call today to learn more about how he can help.