Houston Illegal Solicitation of Prostitution Attorney


Texas prostitution laws are very strict. In the past two to three years, Harris county law enforcement has been aggressively setting up men to be arrested for agreeing to pay for sexual acts with an undercover female officer. Texas law does in fact allow a person to be charged with Prostitution for simply agreeing to pay for sex. As unfair as it may seem, yes, a person can end up needing a Houston prostitution defense lawyer for simply saying “yes” when a cop offers sex for a fee.

Attorney Jim Medley has practiced criminal defense exclusively for over 16 years, and Jim Medley is well versed in defending prostitution cases. In many cases, officers become overzealous and arrest people before the evidence is adequate to secure a conviction. Attorney Jim Medley is a former professor of criminal justice as well as a former law enforcement officer. When you are facing the harsh consequences of a prostitution charge, don’t leave your fate in the hands of an attorney with a limited criminal defense background.

Prostitution & Illegal Solicitation Attorney in HoustonWHAT ARE MY OPTIONS AFTER BEING ARRESTED?

Jim Medley understands that no two cases are the same. Prostitution cases vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances and under some conditions can even be charged as a felony. Jim Medley Defense Lawyer cares about clients and will carefully evaluate and investigate your individual case to ensure that your rights were not violated in the course of your arrest. Jim Medley energetically and discreetly defends his clients, and he has the experience to try and negotiate for a reduced charge or even for a dismissal. Contact the law office today to learn how they can fight for you!