Houston Resisting Arrest Attorney

Resisting Arrest Criminal Defense Attorney in Houston

Police officers in Harris County can be very quick to charge a person with Resisting Arrest. Some officers feel they can charge a person with Resisting simply for failing to comply with a verbal order. These officers are wrong. One can only be guilty of resisting if they actually use force to prevent or obstruct an officer from affecting an arrest or stop.

One of the first risks of resisting an officer is the degree of force an officer will resort to complete the arrest. It is very common for officers to use strikes, tasers, pepper spray, or even vicious dogs to place someone under arrest who resists or flees. Other officers who are present may also hastily contribute to your injuries.

A Houston criminal defense lawyer is vital in a Resisting Arrest charge. Officers will write up their best police stories to cover up excessive force or other mistakes they may have made in the arrest situation. Only the best lawyers will be able to have a chance to find the subtle details that may help in your defense.

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