Theft Crimes Attorney: Shoplifting in Houston


If you are accused of theft, help from a criminal defense attorney is crucial. Attorney Jim Medley has more than 20 years of experience in the Criminal Justice field, including more than 16 years defending criminal cases. In part of his experience as a former police officer, Mr. Medley worked as a director of security of a major retail store; he knows the intimate details of how a theft case must be proven. This expertise has benefited many clients over the years and saved many reputations.

Most theft cases involve one or more witnesses, video evidence, register transactions, or accounting records. Sometimes someone is found in possession of items that were stolen. There are many potential explanations for many of these circumstances.Shoplifting & Theft Crime Defense Attorney in Houston

The severity of penalties for theft can depend on the dollar value of the items taken. In some cases, certain types of items like firearms are serious charges, even if the dollar value of the item is not much.

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