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If you have been charged with a crime, you need a Denver criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Criminal cases are complex, and building a solid defense takes time. Your lawyer must review your case, research relevant laws, and conduct their own investigation. Every step in the process requires intense focus and an in-depth examination. By giving your Denver criminal defense lawyer ample time to prepare, you increase your chances of seeking a favorable outcome and avoiding the harsh penalties imposed for a felony or misdemeanor conviction.

At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, we are ready to put in the effort and resources necessary to aggressively defend you. Our criminal defense attorney in Denver, Jim Medley, has 16 years of experience practicing law. He also served as a police officer and has master's degrees in Criminal Justice, Forensic Toxicology, and Education. Having handled thousands of cases and backed by extensive training and experience, we know what needs to be done to work toward obtaining the best possible results for our clients. When you choose us, thoroughly analyze your case to determine courses of action we can take. We truly care about doing what is right for you and protecting your future.

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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Defending a Wide Range of Charges

The Colorado Revised Statutes enumerate various types of conduct that could lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. Broad categories of crimes include, but are not limited to offenses against the person or property, fraud crimes, computer crimes, and weapons violations. Each of these categories lists specific offenses that must all be taken seriously.

A conviction for any violation of criminal law can have profound repercussions on a person's life. ForDenver criminal defense lawyer instance, being found guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor can lead to incarceration for 6 to 18 months and/or a fine between $500 and $5,000. A class 5 felony conviction can result in a 1- to 3-year prison sentence and/or $1,000 to $100,000 in fines. And the consequences do not stop there. Various laws and regulations exist that place restrictions or limitations on a person's life even after they have completed their sentence. For example, a mark on their criminal record can make it challenging to find a job or a place to live.

Because of the life-altering effects of a conviction, it is crucial that you work with a highly skilled Denver criminal lawyer. Although no attorney can guarantee any result, they can fight hard, seeking to help you avoid or minimize the penalties you can face.

At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, our criminal defense attorney in Denver is prepared to deliver the legal representation you need.

Our Denver criminal defense lawyer handled cases of all levels of severity, including, but not limited to:

  • Drug crimes: Controlled substance offenses include a variety of conduct, such as distributing or selling, manufacturing, possessing, or cultivating drugs.
  • Firearm violations: These cases involve various types of misconduct, including defacing a firearm, unlawfully possessing a concealed gun, and possessing an illegal firearm.
  • Probation violations: If a person is placed on probation, they must adhere to various conditions, such as not committing any other crime or refraining from communicating with the victim. Failure to adhere to any of the terms is a violation and can result in a revocation of probation and incarceration.
  • Theft crimes: Generally, these offenses involve taking another's property without permission or through fraud or deception. A wide range of conduct can fall under this umbrella term, including shoplifting, embezzlement, robbery, and motor vehicle theft.
  • Violent crimes: This category of offenses includes conduct involving the use or threatened use of force or violence against another person. The State takes these very seriously because they can result in injury or death to another.
  • White collar crimes: Typically, these offenses occur in the business or government sector. They are financially motivated and do not usually involve violence.

At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, we will provide caring and zealous advocacy regardless of the crime you have been charged with.

Why You Need a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

Various processes are involved in a criminal case. After their arrest, the defendant will go through several court hearings depending on their situation. For example, they may have to appear for an advisement, arraignment, disposition hearing, and/or preliminary hearing. And those are just the beginning stages of the case.

To resolve the matter, the defendant may discuss a plea bargain with a prosecutor. If the negotiations do not go well, the case may be taken to trial, where the defendant will have an opportunity to challenge the accusations made against them and have a judge or jury decide whether they are guilty.

Each of these steps has certain rules and laws that must be followed, and a mistake could affect the outcome of the case. Fortunately, the defendant does not have to go through the process alone. They have the right to an attorney. A criminal defense lawyer in Denver can provide sound advice and counsel from beginning to end.

At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, we will be by your side, delivering the compassionate counsel and aggressive defense you need.

Retain the Services of a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney in Denver

Having quality legal representation on your side throughout your case is vital. When you entrust your case to us, we take that honor seriously. We will put our education, experience, and training to work for you.

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