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Colorado DUI laws are some of the toughest in the country. If you have been charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI) you need an expert level Denver DUI lawyer immediately. Even if the police did not get a breath test or a blood sample from you, Colorado prosecutors will aggressively pursue a DUI charge based off of nothing more than the opinion of the arresting officer. A skilled Denver DUI defense attorney is necessary because even a 1st time Driving Under the Influence offense can be punished by a one year sentence in a Colorado county jail.

The DUI law of Colorado requires the automatic revocation of your driver’s license if a request isn’t submitted to the DMV WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of your having been given notice. That notice is usually completed at the time of arrest. DO NOT TEST THIS RIGID DEADLINE - CALL JIM MEDLEY’S OFFICE BEFORE SEVEN DAYS PASS!

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Do I Need a Denver DUI Defense Expert?

Some say that defending a DUI can be more complex than defending a Murder charge. Police officers attend police training to be able to go into court and testify as “certified experts” on DUI arrests. This largely fake credential can make the simple opinion of an officer carry more weight to a judge or a jury than your own side of the story.

Some officers are so practiced at testifying about the junk science of DUI testing, they pride themselves in overcoming lawyers’ legal arguments. If the lawyer fighting by your side is not an expert in forensic sciences like: blood testing, breath testing, and sobriety testing, your defense could be overwhelmed by officers who are trained to evade the predictable questioning of average lawyers.

Hire a DUI Defense Lawyer in Denver Who Has:

Almost 30 Years as an Expert in Police DUI Arrest Procedures

Jim Medley was formerly a police DUI officer in Texas. He was first trained in police sobriety testing techniques in 1993. Mr. Medley continued the development of his expertise in police DUI arrest procedures and became a fully qualified instructor in 2004. Jim, our Denver DUI lawyer, has continued to keep his training and research current in the procedures required by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for police DUI sobriety testing.

Mr. Medley has experience training police officers in the police academy in sobriety tests. Jim has testified in court as an expert in sobriety testing procedures many times at the request of other DUI defense lawyers. He has taught at DUI defense lawyer training seminars across the country for over 15 years, helping Denver DUI attorneys learn advanced techniques in defending Driving Under the Influence cases.

Master of Science degree in Forensic Toxicology

Denver DUI Attorney Medley is one of the only lawyers in the country to earn an advanced graduate degree in Forensic Toxicology. Jim has held a Masters degree in Forensic Toxicology for over 15 years. Jim has examined hundreds of DUI blood alcohol and DUI drug toxicology tests, and has had many law enforcement blood analyses suppressed from use in court. This unique credential has also allowed Mr. Medley to testify in court after being called on by other DUI defense lawyers to keep improperly conducted investigations and flawed analyses excluded from evidence in court.

Defending DUI Cannabis/Drug Cases

Since recreational marijuana dispensary industry started exploding in Colorado in about 2014, law enforcement went on the war path trying to make DUI arrests based on alleged marijuana impairment. The strategies DUI lawyers typically rely on to defend alcohol based DUI cases do not necessarily transfer to be effective defenses. Many Colorado police officers attend specialized classes to enable them to walk into court and pose as “experts” in drug toxicology. Fighting this charade is no easy task. The officers who play these roles are more highly trained and more experienced than typical patrol officers. Defending these marijuana/ drug cases requires “next level” kinds of defense skills. Jim Medley’s expertise in Toxicology has proven effective in exposing the junk science behind police drug impairment testimony.

Over 20 Years DUI Defense Lawyer Experience

Denver DUI attorneyDenver DUI Attorney Jim Medley began providing DUI defense for drivers in 2000. Since that time, Jim has provided defense to close to 2,000 DUI charges. Jim is no stranger to the dismissal of a DUI charge. Jim has had hundreds of DUI charges dismissed or found NOT GUILTY by juries. Denver DUI defense Attorney Medley has also saved hundreds of clients from driver’s license suspension after they have either refused breath/ blood tests, or provided specimens higher than .08 BAC.

Advanced Training in Blood Testing and Breath Alcohol Testing

Elite DUI defense lawyers across the country attend specialized training in blood testing science. In addition to his graduate degree in Forensic Toxicology, Attorney Medley has attended hands-on training for DUI defense lawyers in headspace gas chromatography (GC), the method used by law enforcement laboratories to analyze blood specimens for alcohol concentration. Jim continues to attend and teach at these seminars every year to remain at the top of the field in fighting forensic DUI blood test results.

Many DUI defense cases still involve the antiquated breath alcohol machine. Although police breath alcohol testing is fraught with analytical uncertainties, courts in Colorado continue to allow breath alcohol results to be used as evidence to convict people of Driving Under the Influence and Driving While Ability Impaired (DWAI). Denver DUI Attorney Jim Medley has been trained in breath alcohol testing and has been an expert in breath alcohol testing for over 15 years. As a Denver UI defense lawyer and also as an expert witness for other DUI defense lawyers, Jim has analyzed breath test maintenance records, breath test inspection records, breath test calibration records, and critiqued videos of police breath test procedures in hundreds and hundreds of DUI defense cases.

Licensed DUI Defense Lawyer in Colorado and DWI Defense Lawyer in Texas

Denver DUI Attorney Jim Medley has completed the requirements to be licensed to provide DUI defense in both the state of Colorado and the state of Texas. Although there are some legal differences across states that a DUI defense lawyer must understand, the police procedures for DUI arrests are the same across the country. The forensic science behind blood tests and breath tests is the same everywhere in the world.

Most of Jim Medley’s DUI defense law career has involved defending clients in Texas for Driving While Intoxicated (the Texas equivalent of Colorado’s Driving Under the Influence). Attorney Medley has carefully studied the differences in Colorado DUI laws for several years. Our DUI lawyer Denver is very prepared to provide high level DUI defense and DMV driver’s license defense legal services to drivers in Colorado.

The Officer Took My License! How Can My DUI Lawyer Denver Help Me With This?

Colorado law requires an officer who arrests a driver for Driving Under the Influence to immediately take possession of their driver’s license. This confiscation of the license usually happens at the time of arrest. In some cases in which a DUI suspect consents to a blood test and there is no result immediately available, the officer may not take the license on the spot. Whether an officer takes your license, or gives it back, it is VITAL that an experienced attorney examines whether a demand for a DMV hearing must be filed within seven days of the arrest. Denver DUI Defense Lawyer Jim Medley will handle this process for you if you contact our office before the seven day deadline.

If an officer confiscated your license after a DUI arrest, you should have been given a permit that allows you to continue to legally drive for seven days. Your Colorado DUI attorney can help you get a permit that will last beyond the seven days. Denver DUI Attorney Jim Medley can conduct a hearing with the DMV to contest the revocation and argue for you to keep your license.

How Long Past the Seven Days Can I Keep Driving?

As long as you or your Denver DUI attorney has properly requested a hearing to fight for your license, you can usually obtain a permit to continue legally driving while you are waiting for the DMV hearing. This permission lasts beyond the seven days allowed by the temporary permit given to you by the arresting officer.

In most cases, the DMV requires that the hearing happen within 60 days. Accordingly, the temporary permit to drive usually cannot extend beyond this time. If your DUI lawyer wins the hearing though, you will get your full driving license back. It is vital that you have a highly experienced Denver DUI lawyer who will have the best chance at saving your license.

Denver DUI Lawyer Jim Medley has successfully saved over a THOUSAND driver licenses from revocation/ suspension. Jim has in-depth experience with administrative judges like the DMV hearing officer who will decide the fate of your Colorado driver’s license. Call us at (720) 674-7311!

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