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Although a first-time DUI in Colorado is typically a misdemeanor, that does not mean the charge is not serious. A conviction still carries harsh penalties, including mandatory minimum terms of confinement, fines, and driver's license suspension. Generally, when someone is arrested for a DUI offense, this is their first brush with the law, which can be a scary and stressful experience. The unknowns and complexities of the criminal justice system can make this process all the more frightening. If you have been accused of a first-time driving under the influence violation, having an attorney on your side throughout your case can relieve some of your burdens and give you the peace of mind that you have a champion in your corner.

Backed by over 20 years in the criminal justice field, our Denver first-time DUI lawyer at Jim Medley Defense Lawyer understands the fear and anxiety associated with these matters. That is why we will walk you through your case, explaining the DUI process and your legal options. Some people might think their situation is hopeless because they performed poorly on field sobriety tests or a chemical test result showed an elevated blood alcohol concentration level. However, our lawyer, with a master's degree in Forensic Toxicology and experience as a former police officer, knows that there are ways to challenge the evidence. We will scour the facts of your case to determine what defenses can be raised on your behalf.

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What Are the Penalties for a First DUI in Colorado?

The punishments a court can impose for a first-time DUI conviction depend on what offense the defendant has been charged with. In Colorado, alcohol-related driving violations include driving under the influence (DUI), driving under the influence per se (DUI per se), and driving while ability impaired. All of the offenses are misdemeanors, but the punishments differ slightly.

A person might be charged with a DUI if their mental and/or physical abilities were substantially affected by alcohol and/or drugs. A DUI per se charge is levied when a driver had a BAC of 0.08 or more while they were operating a vehicle.

First-time DUI and DUI per se conviction penalties are the same. They include:

  • Between 5 days and 1 year of incarceration,
  • Between $600 and $1,000 in fines,
  • Between 48 and 96 hours of public service,
  • Probation for up to 2 years, and/or
  • Driver's license suspension for at least 1 year

DWAI charges are levied when a driver is operating a vehicle while their mental and/or physical abilities are even slightly affected.

A first-time DWAI conviction can result in:

  • Between 2 and 180 days of imprisonment,
  • Between $200 and $500 in fines,
  • Between 24 and 48 hours of public service,
  • Probation for up to 2 years, and/or
  • Driver's license suspension for at least 1 year

Note that for DUI, DUI per se, and DWAI violations, if the driver had a BAC of 0.20 or more, they may be incarcerated for between 10 days and 1 year.

The stakes are high in a drunk driving case. Therefore, it is crucial to have a competent and knowledgeable attorney fighting for you. At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, our first-time DUI attorney in Denver is ready to stand up for you, aggressively challenging the prosecutor's accusations.

Will My Driver's License Be Automatically Suspended for a First-Time DUI?

In an alcohol-related driving matter, two processes take place. One is the criminal process which is concerned with whether the driver is guilty of the alleged offense. While their driver's license may be suspended upon a conviction, this sanction is not imposed right away, as criminal cases can take some time to resolve.

That said, a person can face an automatic driver's license suspension if arrested for DUI or DWAI. That is because of the second DUI process – the administrative process.

The administrative process is concerned with whether the driver refused or failed a chemical test to determine alcohol or drug content. Under Colorado's expressed consent law (CRS § 42-4-1301.1), any person operating a vehicle on streets and highways has agreed to submit to a blood, breath, urine, or saliva test (even though they did not directly communicate their consent).

The arresting officer will ask the driver to submit to an analysis. If the driver fails the test (has a BAC of 0.08 or more), their driver's license may be revoked for 9 months for a first violation. If they refuse the test, their driver's license may be revoked for 1 year for a first violation.

If you are subject to an administrative driver's license suspension, you can request a hearing to contest the action. Reach out to Jim Medley Defense Lawyer for help protecting your driving privileges.

Serious Defense for First-Time DUI Violations

Even being accused of a first driving under the influence offense can be debilitating. At Jim Medley Defense Lawyer, we are ready to represent you and seek the best possible result in your case.

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