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A driver’s license suspension can put your life on hold as you need to get to your place of employment or travel daily for family and household errands. If you recently had your Texas driver’s license suspended, you need someone in your corner fighting for you. Jim Medley is a lawyer who can aggressively defend you and pursue reinstatement of your diver’s license.

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While licenses can be suspended for a myriad of reasons such as multiple tickets or driving without insurance; oftentimes a suspended license can be the result of a DWI charge. If you consent to a blood or breath test after being pulled over and the test reveals your BAC (blood alcohol content) is .08 or higher, you will be charged with DWI.  Often your driver’s license will be taken, and you will be issued a temporary driving permit until you have completed the administrative review process. Even if this is your first time DWI charge, you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest for an ALR (Administrative License Revocation) hearing to be requested to fight for your privilege to drive in Texas. If this period expires and no request for hiring is made, your will lose your license automatically with no right to appeal or to request a hearing late.  There are no exceptions or extensions to this rule.

While we never condone driving on a suspended license, if you are caught for doing so in an emergency Jim Medley can provide your legal defense in court for this situation. Outcomes for suspended licenses can vary depending on age and circumstances. Fill out the free form or contact us directly at 713-779-5004 so that we can discuss you specific case details.

Preparing to Fight for your License

Once we request a hearing, your license to drive remains unaffected by your arrest, and you can continue to drive with full privileges.  With the exception of conditions of your bond that may limit your driving, DPS cannot take your license until we have had a chance to prepare and to fight for you.  We will collect reports, videos, witness statements, 911 calls, and any other evidence that may apply to your case. We can also subpoena any officers involved in your stop and arrest to appear at the hearing and be subjected to cross examination. We will start our job as your Houston DWI lawyer by taking steps to fight to save your license.

Refusal or Failure

In order for Texas DPS to suspend you from driving, they will have to prove at the hearing that you either refused to provide a voluntary specimen of breath or blood, or that they obtained a sample from you that showed you were over .08. Texas DWI law requires a minimum suspension of 90 days for a .08 or higher test result. These drivers license hearings are very important for you to legally drive for a period of time and to help prepare defenses for the associated DWI charge.

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Occupational License

In the event your license remains suspended, it is not the end of the world. In those situations, we can usually obtain court ordered permission for you to at least be able to drive between home and work during the suspension. This is a very limited context in which to drive that will normally require an ignition interlock device and an SR-22 as a condition of your driving.


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