How the Best DWI Lawyers Build a Defense

The DWI court process can be lengthy experience. If your lawyer is providing a thorough DWI representation, preparing the best defense takes time. No doubt you are hoping to get your DWI charge dismissed.Dismissals do not usually happen quickly or easily. The DWI defense process involves a careful examination of many steps of the DWI investigation process through the complex DWI court process.

Are Sobriety Tests Valid DWI Evidence? 

Not all DWI cases are built just on blood alcohol/breath alcohol tests. In almost every Harris county, Texas DWI case, an officer will at some point ask a driver to attempt balance and coordination exercises. Almost no one performs these exercises perfectly, including perfectly sober people. The best Houston DWI lawyers attend training and follow scientific research surrounding police sobriety tests.       

Jim Medley has attended training and has been certified in DWI sobriety tests since 1993. He has been an instructor of sobriety tests since 2004 and has spoken at number DWI defense lawyer seminars on field sobriety tests. He has also testified in court as a scientific expert on DWI sobriety tests. 

Are DWI Blood Tests Admissible? 

Defense lawyers in Harris county DWI cases almost always have evidence of blood alcohol or breath concentration against their client. Blood is not always taken from a driver legally. Sometimes consent is obtained only through coercion, or a search warrant is not properly supported. In all of these cases, there are chemists behind the scenes that are involved in the process that produces the alcohol concentration. The work of these chemists is documented and a qualified DWI Houston can verify if it was done correctly.      

Jim Medley has a Master of Science degree in Forensic Toxicology. He has attended advanced training in forensic blood testing and continues to advance his training in forensic procedures every year. We have had high alcohol blood tests excluded by judges and disregarded by juries after thorough scientific investigation.          

Driver’s License Defense 

DO NOT WAIT 15 DAYS TO GET A DWI LAWYER! Texas DWI law only allows 15 days from the arrest date in order to challenge the suspension of your license. If more than 15 days passes and no hearing is requested, the license will automatically be suspended. Once this hearing is timely requested, your license will remain valid until your Houston DWI lawyer has been able to fight the suspension. The amount of evidence the DPS needs to win these hearings is small, so you need the best DWI lawyer you can get to protect your license. 

Getting the DWI Dismissed When Possible     

Some DWI arrests can be dismissed. In those cases that can be dismissed, the argument for dismissal happens after the comprehensive examination of all of the evidence in the case has been completed. This investigation is complete once we have reviewed all reports, 911 calls, videos, lab results, calibration records, review of scientific literature, review of current laws, witness statements, maps, or medical records that may be useful. This investigation process usually takes several months.          

Call Jim Medley today for a free case consultation before the 15 day deadline, and as soon as possible for us to begin this systematic process of defending you!

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