Hiring a Houston DWI Attorney: What to do first

Get Out of Jail

If you were the one arrested for DWI, then this has likely occurred already. If you know someone who has been arrested and they are still in jail you will want to get them out as soon as possible. A DWI attorney cannot generally help you with the bonding process so contact a Harris county bonding company or prepare to pay a cash bond. Some people may be eligible for a PR bond.  Start the bonding process as soon as you can.  Even after the papers are filed with the jail, it will take several hours before release will occur.

Get Your Vehicle Out of Impound

Another important issue that can quickly cause you a lot of expense after a DWI arrest is storage fees. If a car was towed to a storage lot as a result of the arrest, the storage lot will be charging ridiculous fees every day the vehicle stays there. If you do not have adequate information about locating the vehicle, you can contact the Houston Police Department at   http://www.findmytowedcar.com  or you can call 281-943-6720 to try to find the vehicle. This should be your last step before you sit down to get actual DWI defense lawyer started.

Hiring a Houston DWI Lawyer Today

Step 1: Call our office at any time. Even if you call in the middle of the night, someone will answer your call and start to gather information from you to set up a consultation with a qualified DWI defense attorney. 713-NOT-A-DWI.   You can also complete the online form available on this website right now.
Step 2: Schedule a free personal consultation with Jim Medley. We will look at the general details of the charge including the reason for the arrest, which police agency and officer we will be dealing with. We will evaluate which type of DWI chemical test we are dealing with (blood or breath) and we will give you free advice about saving your driver’s license from suspension. We will answer any questions you may have about any of the paperwork you received when you bonded out.  After the consultation, if you feel we are a fitting lawyer for your Drunk Driving case, we will work out a reasonable payment plan for your fees and immediately start work on your case.
Step 3: After you retain us to fight your case for you, relax. You will know we will be in your corner taking care of this problem while you’re doing what you would be doing if this had never happened.  Go to your job or school.  Take care of yourself and your family. Let us worry about this case for you so you can live your life.
Other Steps: Once we are we are you on your case, we will be giving you on-going advice about the process of going to court and fighting for you and for your driver’s license.

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