Hiring a Houston DWI Attorney: What to do first

How a Houston Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Helps You

If you were arrested for DWI in Harris County, the police had probable cause to believe you were operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. There is a very big difference between probable cause and proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Local defense attorney, Jim Medley, hits the ground running. Mr. Medley brings a proven track record of success to every DWI case he handles. His approach often results in a not-guilty verdict at trial or another favorable resolution which upholds your rights and protects your driving privileges.

Houston DWI Attorney and the ALR Hearing

If you refused to provide a breath or blood sample, or you failed a chemical test, the state uses the Administrative License Revocation process to automatically suspend your drivers’ license. However, a simple request for a hearing stops this automated process.

These hearings are not easy to win. The deck is stacked against the defendant, and the state must only prove probable cause.

Jim Medley never backs down from a fight, and often gets the license suspension period reduced or eliminated. Additionally, the ALR hearing gives your DUI attorney valuable information to use in court.

Some DWI Defenses

Intoxication, or lack thereof, is the central issue in most DWI cases. In most cases, the state uses chemical test results to prove intoxication. However, these tests are not always accurate. Additionally, police officers often take procedural shortcuts. These shortcuts may cause the judge to throw the case out of court.

In other situations, drunk driving defense lawyers challenge the circumstantial evidence of intoxication. This evidence usually includes the following field sobriety tests:

-Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (DWI eye test),

-Walk and Turn (walking a straight line/heel-to-toe walk), and

-One-Leg Stand.

Many of these tests do not have a solid scientific foundation. Additionally, the results are quite subjective. Even if the officer says the defendant failed the test, the jurors may disagree, and their conclusion is the only one that counts.

Other DWI defenses include lack of evidence on points like operating a motor vehicle or operating a motor vehicle in a public place. These elements have very specific meanings in Harris County criminal courts.

Resolving Your Case

With assistance from the Law Office of Jim Medley, these defenses are leveraged to obtain a favorable plea bargain. This settlement usually features a shorter sentence or reduced charges. In other situations, Mr. Medley is able to create enough reasonable doubt to obtain a not-guilty verdict or even a complete dismissal of all charges.

To get an aggressive DUI attorney on your side, contact the Law Office of Jim Medley for a free case review and consultation today. The sooner you call, the sooner Mr. Medley can start fighting for you.

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