Underage DWI

How Do I Defend Against These Charges?

The legal drinking age in Texas is 21. This means that a minor cannot legally drink alcohol and drive anywhere in the state. A minor who is cited or arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs faces serious charges and needs skilled and aggressive defense by a criminal lawyer.

Being charged with a DWI can be a frightening experience for anyone, but especially so for those who are too young to legally drink alcohol. If your minor child has been charged with underage DWI, it is to their benefit to have legal representation from an experienced Houston DWI lawyer.

Attorney Jim Medley has served for more than 11 years as a defense lawyer, and is available to provide an aggressive defense in your child’s case. He will work tirelessly to minimize the penalties your child faces.

If a police officer decides that a minor has a detectable amount of alcohol – even though your BAC is below 0.08 percent – he or she may be cited or arrested for underage DWI. Usually the penalties for a first-time offense are not as severe as for subsequent offenses. If you are convicted of a first-time DWI, the penalty generally includes probation, fines and alcohol abuse education. Suspension of driving privileges by the DPS (Department of Public Safety) automatically goes into effect 15 days after the time of a citation or arrest.

Texas has very strict DWI laws in place, especially in regards to underage drinking and driving. State lawmakers have enacted “zero tolerance” legislation to curb underage drinking and driving, and even the smallest amount of alcohol found in a young driver’s system can result in them being arrested and charged with underage DWI. Penalties for this offense can also include mandatory enrollment in DWI education classes, and even incarceration in jail or a juvenile detention facility.

Consequences Of An Underage DWI Conviction

The long-term consequences of a conviction on underage DWI charges can be even more severe than those faced by adults. A minor child convicted of DWI may have a criminal record as a result, which can lead to difficulty in enrolling in college, obtaining a good job or other problems throughout their lifetime. To decrease the chances of your child facing these hardships, it is important that you hire a professional and reputable Houston DWI attorney who will work to aggressively protect their rights throughout their legal proceedings.

The law firm of Jim Medley & Associates is committed to providing the highest quality personal legal representation for young people facing DWI charges. Contact the firm today and get them on your family’s side.