What Do I Do Now? Criminal & DWI Defense in Texas

What Do I Do Now?

Taking the Right Steps after an Arrest

When police decide they believe someone has committed a crime, they do not ask questions to find out what happened. They ask questions to incriminate the person being interrogated. If you’re under arrest, the police have already made their decision. Trying to make your own case and defend your actions is rarely a successful endeavor. Talking can usually only make things worse. Just completely be silent until you have the counsel of a Houston criminal lawyer like Jim Medley.

One mistake that people make is thinking that being innocent is enough to get their case dismissed. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case and it’s not a wise idea to take a chance with your future or your rights. Several things can go wrong with your criminal case, and any one of them can lead to a wrongful conviction. The following flaws with a case can actually lead to a criminal conviction:

  • A false or coerced confession (often times the result of a long interrogation)
  • A misidentification by an eyewitness
  • Illegal search and seizure of evidence
  • Someone else can frame you
  • A jury can convict you on circumstantial evidence alone

The criminal justice system may be good, but it isn’t foolproof. If this were the case, then innocent men wouldn’t be released from prison after new DNA evidence exonerated them. Tragically, some unfortunate souls have even been sentenced to death for a crime they did not commit, only for their innocence to be discovered years after it was too late. If you or someone you care about has been arrested for a crime, then you owe it to yourself and your family to seek out a private criminal lawyer.

Attorney Jim Medley has spent more than 20 years in criminal law. He is also a former police officer and a former professor of criminal justice. When you are seeking out a defense attorney, you can’t go wrong with attorney Medley. He has garnered a reputation for being a skilled negotiator and litigator whether he is inside or outside of the courtroom. Contact Jim Medley Defense Lawyer today to get started in helping build a strong defense in your case.

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  • I had a great experience with Jim.

    “Jim Medley did a great job handling my case. He was able to get my case dismissed. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer.”

    - Jenn C.

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  • Over 10 Years' Experience as a Police Officer
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  • Over 30 Years of Experience in the Justice System
  • Hundreds of DWI/DUI Cases Dismissed
  • Instructor of Police Sobriety Tests & Former Police Academy Instructor
  • Professor of Criminal Law

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