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Facing a DWI Offense in Houston?

In the face of DWI allegations, it is important to understand what rights you possess, as well as to gather all of the information that you will need to successfully combat a guilty verdict. First and foremost, however, you should not hesitate to enlist the help of an experienced lawyer. In doing so, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected throughout the entire legal process and that you will be well-informed about what to expect.

From there, you can work in partnership with your attorney to devise a solid defense strategy and review all of the evidence involved in your case. If you have recently been arrested and you have preliminary questions about the DWI laws in the state of Texas or about administrative license hearings, however, the Law Office of Jim Medley has provided a list of useful legal resources for you to explore. For further information, you should not hesitate to consult a legal professional from their firm today.

Legal Resources

Harris County Courts – The official website for the Harris County Court System.

Harris County, Texas – The official government website for Harris County in Texas. Get information on your local government here.

Harris County, Texas – District Courts – State district courts website for Harris County.

Houston Bar Association – Nonprofit professional association for attorneys with more than 11,500 members. Provides education, professional development and programs for the legal community.

Texas Department of Public Safety – The government website for the Department of Public Safety in Texas. Get your criminal record, information on criminal investigations, driver record and other services.

Texas DPS – Online Texas Record Services – Texas DPS provides documents and records from the Texas Department of Public Safety. Save yourself a trip downtown and get your public records online.

Texas Legislature Online – Texas DWI/DUI Laws – The official website for the Texas legislature online. Find information on laws, and find out how the legal system works in regards to DWI/DUI laws.

Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings – License Hearings – The state Office of Administrative Hearings conducts hearings for administrative license revocation (ALR).