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Jim Medley Defense Lawyer is now allowing clients to finance fees for DUI representation!

Jim Medley Defense Lawyer is excited to announce a new way for our clients to manage the cost of legal services. The best DUI defense lawyer and cheap fees do not go together. While we are confident that our fees are reasonable, we understand that no one just saves up money for a DUI lawyer before they need one. This option may be your best option to pay for defense services, if paying the fees up front is overly burdensome on your immediate finances.

Quality representation against a DUI charge requires a lot of work by your attorney as soon as the representation begins. We must complete and file the proper documentation to challenge the DMV's attack on your driver's license before the 7 day deadline; we must notify the court and the DAs that we are representing you; and we must complete and file the proper documentation to obtain discovery in your case (copies of police reports, witness statements, videos, lab test results, etc).

ClientCredit, powered by Affirm, allows you to finance your payment to the firm with no hidden fees, no late charges, and no surprises. Applying for financing of DUI legal fees does involve a credit check, and if approved, there will be interest charged by the institution providing the loan.

To take advantage of ClientCredit, simply look for the “Pay Later” option on our payment page. Selecting this option will open an online application for financing through Affirm. To apply, you’ll enter a few pieces of information and then get a real-time decision. To learn more about ClientCredit, you can read the FAQs here. Note: this new payment option is in addition to payment plan options we already offer, and you can use whichever payment method you prefer. Subject to eligibility. Payment options through Affirm are provided by these lending partners:

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In addition to easing the immediate strain on your immediate cash flow, there is another important benefit to financing legal expenses through a lender: your relationship with your lawyer. It is not beneficial to your relationship with your lawyer to owe money to your lawyer. In the event that you were to become behind in any payment plan directly with your attorney, you could lose your representation and have to start over hiring another attorney. It is always an asset to a lawyer-client relationship for there to be no concerns over payment of fees that could complicate the progress of representation.

We look forward to fighting hard for you to protect your rights.

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