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Some Small Colorado Agencies Still Don't Provide Equipment to Record DUI Stops

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

The passage of Senate Bill 20-217 will require Colorado police officers to maintain video equipment by July 1, 2023 so that all stops an detentions can be recorded and later reviewed by supervisors or lawyers. A few agencies in Colorado come to mind that regularly makes DUI stops and arrests, and there is often no video recording of the roadside investigation.

Body cameras offer a level of protection of the public from police mistreatment and accountability for respect for constitutional rights. Video evidence can also keep officers honest about how a suspect behaves. In a DUI investigation, an officer can exaggerate or completely make up incriminating evidence if there is no objective hard evidence- like video.

Today, mobile cameras like dashcams and body worn cameras are relatively inexpensive for police to obtain. Many people expect that in this day and age, video evidence in police DUI arrests is available for defense lawyers to examine the propriety of police actions.

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