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What is BAC?

Blood Alcohol Content

BAC Explained BAC is the percentage of alcohol in your blood. BAC testing estimates the level of a person’s alcohol intoxication. In simple terms, the higher the BAC number, the greater the impairment. Are you curious as to how many drinks it really rakes to reach the legal limit? Try our BAC calculator for an… Read more »

Facts About A Second DWI

Facts About A Second DWI

One of the most unsettling DWI cases of the last few years, which fortunately is not binding in Texas, may one day have a significant impact on subsequent DWIs. In Commonwealth v. Diehl, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court allowed prosecutors to use the defendant’s prior DWI as evidence that he disregarded the risks inherent in drinking… Read more »

Police Cannot Detain Drivers for Random Dog Sniffs

On April 21, 2015 the U.S. Supreme Court rendered an important decision that can affect law enforcement tactics across the country. The decision will limit the common practice of police officers to detain people for the purpose of allowing a police drug dog to sniff around a vehicle. In Rodriguez v. State, the Court examined… Read more »