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If you are facing any kind of criminal charges, your choice of an attorney is a very important decision if you are hoping to avoid a conviction. Not all Houston criminal defense lawyers are equal in talent and in the manner in which they address your case. At Jim Medley & Associates, P.C., the attorney has extensive trial experience and has been nominated as one of Houston’s Top Lawyers three straight years in a row. Jim is not only a former professor of criminal justice, he has also trained law enforcement in law and field sobriety testing, as he also holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Toxicology and has dedicated his practice exclusively to criminal/DWI defense. These exceptional credentials are of great value if you are facing any type of criminal charge, from a DWI through to the most serious and violent felony offenses.

Arrested For Drunk Driving?

Finding the best DWI lawyer for your case can be difficult. The internet is packed with lawyers in Houston, each claiming to be the best attorney in town. Get past the advertising hype and know what you need. Texas law views DWI charges very seriously. New laws were recently enacted which increase the possible penalties for drivers who have high breath/blood alcohol levels. When you go to court, you will face police officers who specialize in DWI arrests, prosecutors who have extensive experience pursuing DWI charges, and judges who cannot afford to be lenient on DWI suspects.

You need a defense attorney who has focused experience with Houston DWI charges and specialized training in Texas DWI defense. Whether your case involves DWI sobriety tests, a breath alcohol test, a blood search warrant, a urine test, or a prescription medication DUI charge, Jim Medley meets these important criteria in selecting the best defense lawyer for your case. Attorney Jim Medley possesses more than 20 years of experience in the field of criminal justice. He brings experience as a police officer, DWI sobriety test instructor, college professor, and Texas defense lawyer into court for each and every client.

medley-sittingJim Medley & Associates, P.C. – Perfecting The Art Of DUI Defense

Like anything else, DUI defense takes practice and skill. It requires the perfect combination of attention, dedication, knowledge and professionalism. For more than 20 years, Mr. Medley and his team have been practicing and perfecting this combination, often to the benefit of their clients. As such, you can feel confident in the firm’s ability to address the many nuances involved in blood alcohol science and how it could affect your case. Furthermore, you can trust that your charges will be skillfully defended against in a way that will best allow you to avoid the penalties of a conviction.

When you contact the firm today you can learn more about DWI plea bargains and how they can be utilized for the best effects with your case. Under the direction of the firm’s lead attorney, you can more stealthily avoid having your license suspended during a driver’s license hearing, going to jail, serving community service hours and paying hefty fines. Both multiple offenses and first-time offenses are covered at the firm, so you need not worry that your case will be turned away based on the simplicity or the complexity of your charges. At all times, and in every scenario, the legal team is here to help you and they will not waver in their efforts to do so.

Aggressive Representation For All Types Of DWI Charges

DWI charges are not limited to alcohol. A person can be arrested and convicted if they are caught driving under the influence of illegal drugs, legally prescribed drugs, or even over the counter medications such as cold or allergy medications. As long as the drug impaired the driver’s ability to operate a motor vehicle, then they can be arrested and convicted of DWI. Most people are aware that they can be arrested for driving under the influence of an illegal substance such as marijuana; however, the majority of people are surprised to find out they can be convicted of DWI for driving under the influence of their lawfully prescribed medication. For this reason, we have extended the scope of our practice to include all areas of DWI:


Put Our Firm’s 20 Years Of Experience To Work For You

When your future is on the line, you want to be sure that your case is in competent hands. Don’t take any chances when it comes down to a matter of freedom or time spent in jail. Contact a knowledgeable DWI defense attorney from our firm today to get started on building a solid defense against your drunk driving charges. The sooner you make the decision to obtain legal assistance, the better chance you will have at combating these serious charges. Your initial consultation won’t cost you a thing when you submit a free case evaluation form online, so there is no reason why you should wait any longer.

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