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You were arrested, and now you are scared. Your car has been towed and you have paid an expensive bond. Money is tight. You are under the threat of jail time, losing your job, and maybe losing your driver’s license. You need expert help now. Relax. We can help you.

Jim Medley and his staff understand your concerns. We know most people who get arrested are good people who find themselves in unfortunate situations. Over the past 14 years, Jim Medley and his staff have exclusively helped people who are accused with crimes. Mr. Medley has practiced DWI law and criminal defense in Harris County, Texas, almost every day during those years. We have helped hundreds of people like you get their charges dismissed or found Not Guilty by juries. Call us for a free consultation and come visit our friendly office. Feel at home in our warm office and get started with the help and answers you need without feeling judged.

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“I was impressed by his knowledge of DWI laws and police procedures and as we looked over my arrest video, I felt even more confident when he started pointing out the mistakes in the police officer’s process. We formulated a solid strategy and in the end Jim got my case dismissed.” – March 2014

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