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Save Your Colorado License From DUI Revocation

Colorado DUI laws give the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) the authority to revoke your drivers license in almost every scenario following an arrest for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). The law is called Express Consent. The law establishes that anyone who operates a motor vehicle in Colorado consents to have a breath or blood specimen taken from them by a law enforcement officer who has arrested them for DUI or DWAI. Therefore, once you find yourself arrested for DUI in Colorado, you have two choices:

1. provide a specimen on request and give the police laboratory proof of how much you've drank or what drug is in your system, or

2. exercise your right to not have your body fluids searched, but risk losing your driver's license.

Either of these choices can result in DMV trying to take your Colorado driver's license, and in either case you need a Colorado DUI lawyer to fight for you.    

DMV license

The DUI law of Colorado requires the automatic revocation of your driver’s license if a REQUEST ISN'T SUBMITTED TO THE DMV WITHIN SEVEN DAYS of you having been given notice. That notice usually occurs at the time of arrest when you're given your seven-day permit. DO NOT TEST THIS RIGID DEADLINE - CALL JIM MEDLEY’S    OFFICE BEFORE SEVEN DAYS PASS!

The good news is that Colorado DUI attorney Jim Medley can fight the DMV and try to save your license. Once a challenge is filed within the seven days, you will be given a temporary license that is valid for another 60 days.


During these two months, you will remain legal to drive in Colorado while we review reports, test results, and videos in preparation to fight the DMV to try to save your license. We defend DUI cases in Denver, Jefferson, Adams, and Arapahoe counties.      

DUI DMV office
Colorado DMV Revocation Periods

The following charts outline the typical Colorado DMV revocation periods if the DMV prevails. These terms do not take into account final conviction for DUI or DWAI nor any revocation periods enhanced by excessive points on your driving record. These numbers are for the purpose of giving you an idea of typical DMV consequences following a DUI arrest, and are not intended to be legal advice for every individual situation.

Adult DUI Driver Refused Specimen
Adult DUI Driver Between .080 - .149 specimen
Adult DUI Driver .150 or more specimen
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