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What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A defense lawyer is a champion of the individual. When the government levels a criminal accusation against someone, they have officers and investigators that have spent time preparing evidence that they believe is incriminating against that person. They sometimes even have chemists and other experts that are prepared to go to court and try to convince the judge or a jury that a person is guilty.

Defense lawyers are vital in any charge brought against a person by the government. From minor charges like Shoplifting, Theft, or Prostitution, to more serious charges like DWI, Assault, Evading Arrest, and probation violations.

A criminal defense lawyer is their personal guide

To the person accused of a crime, the lawyer is at first a counselor and guide. A great lawyer will explain the criminal justice system to the client and make sure they understand the process they are about to experience. Nothing is more terrifying than the unknown, so the first thing the best lawyers will do is some education.

They’re also a confidant

The defense lawyer is also a confidant to the accused individual. The defense lawyer can be trusted with details that may be private, embarrassing, or even incriminating. A defense lawyer and a client must have a mutual trust and confidence that nothing is hidden or misrepresented between the two.

A criminal defense attorney will research every area of the case

The best criminal defense attorneys will investigate and research the facts of the accusation so the client will know exactly what they are facing. Once the allegations are clear, the defense lawyer will apply their legal knowledge, common sense, creativity, and advocacy skills to work. There are always more than one side to any story. Sometimes there are more than even two sides to a story. Knowing the story that is best for the client, and telling that story is the art of criminal defense lawyering.

They can help reduce charges

In some cases, there is not a story that ends in everything just going away. There are those cases in which officers follow the law and conduct thorough investigations. In these cases, a dismissal may not happen. Sometimes a lawyer must negotiate and present mitigating circumstances to the prosecutor for a reduced charge or just a lighter sentence.

Reasons why criminal defense lawyers are needed:

  • There is a difference between reading about the law and practicing the law in court

  • Confrontation of witnesses, including experts and experienced detectives

  • Reviewing search and seizure procedures

  • Critiquing police procedures

  • Analyzing the prosecutor’s case

  • Familiarity with judges

  • Skills in juror selection and trial advocacy

If you are accused of a crime you must have a defense attorney. Even if you are already an expert in all of the above listed areas of criminal defense, you can’t represent yourself without subjecting yourself to close scrutiny. Even the best lawyers who find themselves in criminal trouble hire a different lawyer to represent them against the government.

If you are accused of committing an act that is criminal in nature, you should never risk being convicted. A criminal conviction is a permanent criminal record that never ever goes away. Consult a lawyer about your situation and fight to protect your rights, your reputation, and your freedom.

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